November 2, 2014 Broadcast

Today’s Not Weird, Queer Playlist:

Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order
Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields
Wash It Off – Magic Mouth
Tightrope – Lvnmuziq
Stop Playing The Film – Alex Woburn
Learn To Fly – Josh Starmer – Music
The Turn Around – Josh Zuckerman
I Wanna Be An Amazing Man – Christian Andreason Music Page
Dirty – Are In Sea
My Two Daddies – Brent Almond
You Stayed – Jen Foster
Love Makes A Family – Kristie Stremel
Happiness (Maddie’s Song) – Rachael Sage
Charlene-Strong – Crys Matthews
List of Names – Lucas Miré
Summertime – Joshua Klipp
Understood? – Jeremiah Clark
Dirty Love – Johnny Weir
End of the World – Matt Alber
Closer – Melissa Ferrick
Jackpot – Derek Bishop
Feel Good – Bobby Blue
Just Bear With Me (Tribal Percussion Mix) – Freddy Freeman
Stars – Namoli Brennet
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ – Scissor Sisters
Start Again – Ryan Dolan
Send In the Clowns – Bob Rowe
Elevation – Terry Christopher
Close – Mattachine Social
Hands of Hate – Ryan Cassata

KPQR 99.1 FM Portland, OR


Hey all, I wanted to take a moment and share something.

Wild Planet Radio is a non-commercial radio station. It is one of the very first radio stations to be, by, for, run by the LGBT community.

We have non-profit status under the Q Center umbrella.

We joined with Q-center about a year ago. In April we were granted a license from the FCC to go live at 99.1 in the Portland, OR area. Currently we stream 24/7 on line at

Last month we completed negotiations with the Portland School District to have our transmitter installed on top of one of their schools.

The next step is to purchase the last pieces of the transmitter and flip the switch – LGBT radio will go live on the FM airwaves.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to be a voice for the LGBTQ Community by helping people share their stories and ensuring that the stories of LGBTQ people are heard.

We are currently fundraising for that final piece. We had hoped to be on FM by today. We are almost there.

I want to ask everyone to consider contributing to this next step. We are your voice. We want you all to be a part of this venture.

It is quite easy, simple go to our website and click on the Heart.

Thank you
I appreciate that you took the time to read this!

Steve Sims
Host – Not Weird, Queer radio show
Wild Planet Radio
KPQR 99.1 FM Portland

Oct. 26th Halloween Episode of Not Weird, Queer


Playlist for last Sunday’s Not Weird, Queer Halloween episode:
Scream And Run Away – The Gothic Archies
Sweet Transvestite – Tim Curry
Spider – Beth Arentsen
The Devil Went Down To Georgia – Josh Zuckerman
Shotgun Style – Marshall Zane
Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order
Daddy Longlegs – Dan Manjovi
Gargoyle – Brady Earnhart
Walking With A Ghost – Tegan and Sara
People Are Strange – Lea DeLaria
Frankenstein – Antony And The Johnsons
Time Warp – The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Your Little Monster – Roger Kuhn
Queen – Perfume Genius
3 Monsters – Dudley Saunders
Outsiders – Jeremy Gloff
& Your Little Dog Too – Shawn Thomas
Walking My Gargoyle – The Gothic Archies
For Good – Lee Lessack with Stephen Schwartz
Ghosts – Christopher Dallman
The Killers Mind – Robert Urban
Hell – The Lucky Jukebox Brigade
(Put The Fun Back In) The Funeral – Erin McKeown
Quick – The Magnetic Fields
Ghost – Namoli Brennet
Clowns – Yael Acher
Y.M.C.A. – The Village People
Falling – Tom Goss
Superman – Joe McElderry
Crows – The Gothic Archies
Goin’ To The Dance With You – Shawn Ryan<a

Sunday, October 19th show


Not Weird, Queer episode #14

Not Weird, Queer playlist for Sunday October 19th, 2014:

Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order
Tightrope – Lvnmuziq
Game Called Life – Doug Cash
Stop Playing the Film – Alex Woburn
Falling Away – Kevin Wood – Singer/Songwriter
On My Way To Finding You – Drake Jensen
Summertime – Joshua Klipp
The Joker – Eric Himan
Free – Scott Free
Mr. Lonely – Bobby Blue
What’s A Lover To Do? – Adam Joseph
Goodbye – Run Jenny
This Old Heart – Toni Vere
Devil With A Blue Dress On – Robert UrbanRoger Anthony Yolanda Mapes
Noiresque – Isle of Klezbos
Riding A Rainbow – Corday
Nothing Left To Say – Szilenze
Helplessly – Andrew Suvalsky Music
Changes Come – Susan Souza
Hawk And The Dove – Tret Fure
I’m Alive – Shawn Thomas
Won’t Let You Down – Kelly Moe
Wish Upon A Star – Mark Barnes Music
Invisible Light – Scissor Sisters
Learn To Fly – Josh Starmer – Music
Kismet – Kerry Hallett
Save Us Now – Janet Whiteway
Run Flying – Jane of Arc
Wash It Off – Magic Mouth
The One I Love – Sarah Golden

Today’s Not Weird, Queer Playlist


Playlist for the first hour of Not Weird, Queer. Still time to catch the second hour:
Red Haired Girl – Horse
Falling – Tom Goss
Song From Me – Audrey Cecil
My Two Daddies – Brent Almond
Closer – Tegan and Sara
Diamonds & Stiletto Shoes – Anna Gutmanis
Happiness (Maddie’s Song) – Rachael Sage
Tell Me God – Burning Nopal
The Climb – Joe McElderry
Dollhouse – The Lucky Jukebox Brigade
Rather Be Here – Frightened Cellar
Hands Of Hate – Ryan Cassata
Fire With Fire – Scissor Sisters
You Stayed – Jen Foster
Jolene – Jeff Heiskell
Second Hour:
Handcuff My Soul – Levi Kreis
Thorn In Your Side – Namoli Brennet
Shorashim – SONiA disappear fear
Jackpot – Derek Bishop
Scream and Run Away – The Gothic Archies
Feel Good – Bobby Blue
Collide Into You – Kelly Moe
Brandy Alexander – Towering Trees
Understood – Jeremiah Clark
Tonya – Atole
Break Me Down – Logan Lynn
Back Seat – Lvnmuziq
No Place Like Home – Roger Kuhn
Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields