Steve Sims QoLMB (10/2016-02/2019) tenders resignation as Executive Director

Tonight at midnight I am resigning as Executive Director of Quest of Life Media & Broadcast and all associated properties.
Years ago when I dj’d events at Easton Mountain Retreat in New York I always liked to end the events with Barenaked Ladies When You Dream. It seemed to say “thanks, had a great time, ready to sleep, and we will visit in our dreams. While it is off genre, I feel the song articulates this day is over and I’m on to other things.
I built this for the community and I now bequeath it.
I’ve had an amazing adventure and the skills I’ve acquired, the knowledge I’ve gained and the music I’ve heard are priceless.
Thank you again and I know that “the band played on.”
-Steve Sims Portland 2/16/2019
QLRadio has an interim station director who is also underwriting the continued operation.
Not Weird, Queer has officially ended.
The Executive Director position is available.
For more information you can contact:
Jeremy James,
Chairman of the Board of Directors at

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