Playlist: NWQ Season 2, Episode 10 (#49) Oct. 4, 2015

1 WILD – Troye Sivan

2 Diplomat’s Son – Vampire Weekend

3 Queen – Perfume Genius

4 King – Doug Locke

5 Dont Cry No More – Chrisie Edkins

6 Trust – Tom Nichols

7 Ghost Town – Adam Lambert

8 If I Had A Tardis – RexRexRex

9 Blackwell – EMMA

10 Helplessly – Andrew Suvalsky

11 Ditch Lilies – Namoli Brennet

12 Her Problem Now – Jamie Anderson

13 Let’s Have A Kiki – Scissor Sisters

14 Hollywood and Broadway – 4 Poofs & A Piano

15 Easy Go – Heart Harbor (Kerry Hallett)

16 Go Back Now  Bridge 19

17 Wedding Bell Blues – Vontanner

18 Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order

19 Desirable (radio edit 2015) – James Panther

20 Wash It Off – Magic Mouth

21 Break Me Down – Logan Lynn

22 Tightrope – LVNMUZIQ

23 Shorashim – Sonia & Disappear Fear

24 Blue Chicago – Manny Capozzi

25 All These Lights – Karmen Buttler

26 Unspoken – Brett Basil

27 Nothing (feat. Billy Hood) – Marck Angel

28 Spanish Teenager – Casey Spooner

29 I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Matt Alber

Tomorrow’s Playlist

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Scissor Sisters

Troye Sivan

Perfume Genius

Arjuna Greist

Namoli Brennet

Vampire Weekend

Brett Basil

Karmen Buttler

Jeffery Straker

Joshua Thomas

Karl William Lund

Josh Starmer

Scott Free

Robin Renée

Jeremiah Clark

Stephin Merritt

Avi Wisnia

Tom Goss

Against Me!

Cato Anaya

Adam Lambert

Patricia Silverberg

Burning Nopal

Dudley Saunders

Cris Williamson

Jeffrey Wilgus

Run Jenny

Christopher Dallman

Doug Locke

NWQ Episode 8, Season 2 (#47) & Playlist


Sinner (Radio Edit) [feat. Adam Joseph]   Cato Anaya
Wild   Troye Sivan
Don’t Look Back   Patricia Silverberg
My Disguise   Josh Starmer
All These Lights   Karmen Buttler
Unspoken   Brett Basil
Diplomat’s Son   Vampire Weekend
Queen   Perfume Genius
This Could Be Us  Doug Locke
This Is Your Call Summer Osborne
Learned It On Me   Indigo Girls
Sink In   Byron Rice
Don’t Jump Don’t Fall   Tom Robinson
Diamonds & Stiletto Shoes Anna Gutmanis
Ocean Blue    Rae Spoon
Bones O’ Earth  JesseParadox
The Golden Age   Justin Vivian Bond
Man Enough to Be A Woman   Jayne County
I Could Have Sex    Technova & Vaginal Davis
Something Different  Katastrophe
Ditch Lilies    Namoli Brennet
Rescue Me  Joshua Klipp
True Trans Soul Rebel   Against Me!
Sleeping Through   Ryan Cassata
Post Op Freeway   Georgie Jessup
Dont Cry No More   Chrisie Edkins
Another World   Antony & The Johnsons
It’s So Bright   Coyote Grace

Episode #47

Sunday’s Not Weird, Queer on Wild Planet Radio will feature a full hour of songs from transgender artists. I’ll have music from Rae SpoonJesse Pikorz, Justin Vivian Bond, Jayne County, Technova & Vaginal DaviskatastropheNamoli BrennetJoshua KlippAgainst Me!Ryan CassataGeorgie Jessup Mauler, Chrisie Edkins, Antony And The Johnsons, and Coyote Grace. 3pm Pacific Live! on our planet wide live stream:

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Episode #46

Episode # 46 Playlist

Patricia Silverberg – Don’t Look Back
Brett Basil​ – Unspoken
Karmen Buttler​ – All These Lights
Josh Starmer – Music​ – My Disguise
Jeffery Straker​ – Like It’s The Last One
Avi Wisnia​ – Sky Blue Sky
Scott Free​ – A Little Magic (Featuring Matthew Huston, Caitlin Jackson & Saja Blevins) Witches Among Us (Original Cast Album)
Namoli Brennet​ – The Mind Fought The Mystery Live! Sept. 11, 2015 (A Not Weird, Queer​ and Wild Planet Radio​ Exclusive)
Vampire Weekend​ – Diplomat’s Son
Joshua Thomas​ – Beast
Against Me!​ – True Trans Soul Rebel
Doug Locke​ – This Could Be Us
Girl Fry​ – Poor Devils
L.A Walkway​ – Girl of the Minute
Jeremy Gloff​ – White Glint
k anderson​ – 14 Year Old Me
Doug Cash Music​ – Game Called Life
Perfume Genius​ – Queen
Kelly Moe​ – Collide Into You
Rachael Sage​ – Happiness (Maddie’s Song)
Portland Gay Men’s Chorus​ – Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In
Johnny Blazes and the Pretty Boys​ – Big Bottoms
Joshua Klipp​ – -Rescue Me (United For The Ride Vol 1)
Cynova​ – The Other Side Of You
Bettina Schelker​ – The Honeymoon Is Over
Stewart Lewis​ – Not A Love Song
Rufus Wainwright – Oh What A World
Antony And The Johnsons​ – Crazy In Love
Sacha Sacket​ – Paris And September