Sunday March 29th, 2015 Episode #29

I am soooo happy to report that the March 20th episode is ready, uploaded, cued up for tomorrow! Not Weird, Queer #29 arrives. Here is the sneak peak at what’s on tap for tomorrow:

Brandi Carlile
Tom Goss
Rachael Sage
Derek Bishop
Random Order
Jeffery Straker
Norine Braun
bobby blue
Brent Almond
Melissa Ferrick
Paul Ybarra
Summer Osborne
Steve Grand
Run Jenny
Heart Harbor
Erin McKeown
Michael Biello & Dan Martin Biello Martin Studio
Disappear Fear
Byron Rice
Namoli Brennet
Drake Jensen
Andrew Suvalsky Music
Ryan Cassata
Karl William Lund
Scissor Sisters

Contest! – Contest! – Contest!

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Not Weird, Queer​ and Wild Planet Radio​ are excited to have a pair of signed Janet Weiss​ drumsticks donated by Sleater-Kinney. For the month of April we will be holding a scavenger hunt to determine who will win!

Below are 5 Questions. The answers can be found on Not Weird, Queer’s website or on Wild Planet Radio’s website ( Locate the answers to the 5 Questions and send an email with the answers to On May 1st, 2015, a winner will be selected at random from a pool of emails with all 5 correct answers. Limit: 1 entry per person. You may also email to get the full contest rules.

Here are the questions:

1. Who is the station manager at Wild Planet Radio?
2. What are the call letters for Wild Planet Radio?
3. What episode number of Not Weird, Queer aired on August 17th, 2014?
4. What was the first song played on the Not Weird, Queer Halloween 2014 episode?
5. On what day was the first airing of Not Weird, Queer at it’s new 3pm PST time slot?

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Tapes are rolling and we’re recording tomorrow’s Not Weird, Queer. I’ll be featuring music from the Queerty article “Ten Great Gay Love Songs To Crack The Toughest Cynic” including music mentioned in the comments.  I’m jazzed about this episode, danced my feet off, I was told they’d grow back. Listen to the the LIVE Stream by clicking the red and white Listen Live to the right, it should be red and white for most all listeners, it’s not a White and Gold Dress.

This just in from J.D. Doyle!


Last January was the 15th anniversary of Queer Music Heritage, and I’ve much enjoyed sharing and preserving our music culture, but I’ve decided that QMH has had a long enough run and that the show for March will be the last show. And this month is also the last for OutRadio. I want to devote more energy to my history websites, like

and my digitizing project for early Houston publications, so it will be nice not to have the radio deadlines pressing me. But don’t worry, the Queer Music Heritage website is not going away. It will stay as a history resource, and it archives almost 580 hours of programming to amuse you. You’d have to listen around the clock for 24 days to hear it all.

You can hear my last two shows at

The March QMH is a special four-hour romp with Camp Music.

Thanks for your support over the years,

Congrats JD Doyle, and thanks for all you do, you are indeed The Guru of Queer Music!