Playlist Not Weird, Queer April 24, 2016

Lollipop – Steve Sandberg

Refuse to Choose – Steven Gallavin & Mané

Honey and Smoke – case/lang/veirs

On The Inside – 

We’re The Cool Kids – Ryan Cassata

C’mon Over – Rachael Sage

Let Me Be Your Superman – Phil Dutra

Love Etc. – Pet Shop Boys

End Of The World – Matt Alber

People Are Strange – Lea De Laria

Learn To Fly – Josh Starmer

Blush – Wilder Daze

Skins & Shirts – Steven Franz

The Prodigal – Sacha Sacket

Songs I Can’t Listen To – Neon Trees

Ditch Lilies – Namoli Brennet

Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields

Oh Bully – Ling

Living In My Headphones – Kendall Kelly

Always, Honey – Heart Harbor

On My Way To Finding You – Drake Jensen

The Other Side of You – Cynova

Stained Glass Window – CJ Smyth

This Could Be Us – Doug Locke

Cathedrals – Gregory Douglass

Her Problem Now – Jamie Anderson

Hypnotized – Jeffery Straker

Son of a Preacher Man – Tom Goss

Boundaries – Naked Peasants

When I Was 19 – Jeremy Gloff

Don’t Wait – Joey Graceffa

Top Of The World – Bobby Blue

Episode #32, Season 2 Playlist

April 10, 2016

Blush – Wilder Daze
Broken Hearts / Bones – Parlour Tricks
Chrysanthemum – Namoli Brennet
Morton Street – Zecca
The Other Boys – Nervo with Nile Rogers Jake Shears Kyiie Minogue
You Make Me Happy – Zrazy
Summertime – The Sexbots
After Dark – Eiiot Sumner
There Is No One More Beautiful Than You – Dan Manjovi
Son Of A Preacher Man – Tom Goss
Best Kept Secret – case/lang/veirs
whenAlways Honey – Heart Harbor
Hiding – Ray Issac
I Thought It Was You – Andy Bell & Jake Shears
Nothing Else – Bridge 19
I Refuse To Choose – Steven Gallavin
When I Was 19 – Jeremy Gloff
Lollipop – Steve Sandberg
I Didn’t Just Kiss Her – Jen Foster
Post Op Highway – Georgie Jessup
Best Shot – Aiden James
Cartoon Heroes – Ruben Butchart
One Of Us – San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus featuring Gary Wayne Farris
My Swag – Peg Starr
No Place Like Home – Roger Kuhn
On My Way To Finding You – Drake Jensen
Wash It Off – Magic Mouth
No More Reprise – Norine Braun
Disappointing – John Grant

Steve Sims – Host
Not Weird, Queer

Lambert House Seattle

I received this press release from Lambert House today. 

Honestly I’m amazed that they are still in the same location. Way back when I wrote the very first rent check for  what was to become The Lambert House, the owner was telling us he did not know how long we would able to stay as he was feeling pressure to sell. The house sits on prime real estate near hospital and  church. 

It is also very comforting to know that the organization is healthy. 

The Lambert House represents so many personal things for me. It was my first venture into activism/ non-profit, it was a major achievement for me, my goal when I set out to volunteer was to work to end the isolation I felt. It has always been a tangible reminder that change is possible. Most importantly, it bears the name of one of the best friends you could ever walk beside. 

Here’s to many more decades Lambert House!

Steve Sims, Portland, OR


Sunday’s Playlist

King – Doug Locke
The Foxes – Erin McKeown
No Man’s Land – Karl William Lund
Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields 
He’s On My Team – Ari Gold
Son of a Preacher Man – Tom Goss
Three Doors Down – Carlyn Hutchins
She Wept – Byron Rice
There Is No One More Beautiful – Dan Manjovi
The Rain From London – Darren Ockert
When I Was 19 – Jeremy Gloff
Jackpot – Derek Bishop
The Undoing – Dudley Saunders
The Lie – Sacha Sackett
Blackwell – Emma
If It Wasn’t For Bad – Elton John & Leon Russell
Boundaries – Naked Peasants with Toby Madigan
Atomic Number – Neko Case/KD Lang/Laura Veirs Peace
Fruit Prove It On Me Blues – Gaye Adegbalola 
Synchronized – Ian Gibson
Home – Jeremy James
Go Do – Jonsi
0 Miles – Karma
Undone – Nervous But Excited
Flesh & Blood – Panthyr
Stop Playing The Film – Alex Woburn
Tonya  – Atole
Pick A Pocket Or Two – Metropolitan
Klezmer Rumi’s Song – Cris Williamson

Playlist for today’s Not Weird, Queer:
Broken Hearts / Bones – Parlour Tricks
The Other Boys – NERVO
I Wanna Be An Amazing Man – Christian Andreason
My Two Dads – Brent Almond
Charlene Strong – Crys Matthews
Hiding – RAY ISAAC
Close – Mattachine Social
Just Bear With Me – Freddy Freeman
Just Another Dream – Morry Campbell
Summertime – The Sexbots
Arrested – Toby Madigan
Always, Honey – Heart Harbor
I Didn’t Know Straight Privilege Was A Thing – XO Jasen
Start Again – Ryan Dolan
Diamonds & Stiletto Shoes – Anna Gutmanis
You Make Me Happy – Zrazy
I’ll Keep Waiting – Matt Ryan
Jackpot – Derek Bishop
Morton Street – Zecca Esquibel
Spider – Beth Arentsen
Cathedrals – Gregory Douglass
Bring Me Down Dixie – Kate Brown
It’s So Bright – Coyote Grace
Queen’s – 4 Poofs and a Piano
The Coming Out Song – Ally Hills
& Your Little Dog Too – Shawn Thomas
Two Nobodies In New York – Title of Show (Original Soundtrack)
Invisible Light – Rachael Sage
Don’t Wait – Joey Graceffa
Blush – Wilder Daze

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Charlene Strong

Strong began her advocacy career in 2006. In December of that year, Strong’s partner of nine years, Kate Fleming, died suddenly when a flash flood trapped her inside her Madison Valley, Seattle, basement recording studio during the Hanukkah Eve Wind Storm. Arriving at the hospital, Strong was initially prevented from joining Fleming, despite their long partnership, because Washington State did not recognize domestic partners.[1]
In January 2007, she testified before the Washington State Senate Committee in support of a bill creating a statewide Domestic Partnership Registry. In April 2007, she stood beside Governor Christine Gregoire as that domestic partnership bill was signed into law.[2] The Governor opened her remarks by retelling Strong’s story.[3] In February 2009, Gregoire appointed Strong to the Washington State Human Rights Commission.[4] Strong’s current term, her second, expires in 2017.[5]
Strong is also a co-producer of the film For My Wife…, which tells the story of how Strong became an advocate for equality following Fleming’s death. The film won the Best Documentary prize at the 2008 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.[6]
Strong works closely with Equal Rights Washington, and has endowed a fellowship at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in Washington, D.C.