Playlist & Broadcast Nov. 15, 2015

You Make Me Want To – Jeffery Straker

You Stayed – Jen Foster

Go Back Now – Bridge 19

On My Way To Finding You – Drake Jensen

Disappointing – John Grant

If I Had A Tardis – RexRexRex

I Wanna Fly – Trevor Moran

Flesh & Blood – Panthyr

Desirable – Panthyr

I Am – Horse

Stained Glass Window – CJ Smyth

Baby Grand – Kevin Wong

Ghost Town – Adam Lambert

This Could Be Us – Doug Locke

All These Lights – Karmen Buttler

The Golden Age of Hustlers – Justin Vivan Bond

Sky Blue Sky – Avi Wisnia

Wild – Troye Sivan

My Disuise – Josh Starmer

It’s So Bright – Coyote Grace

Running – Eric Himan

Blue Chicago – Manny Capozzi

Chrysanthemum – Namoli Brennet

Handsome Man – Matt Alber

If You Were Gay – Avenue Q Original Cast Recording

Turn It Around – Tom Goss

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters

Coming up on Sunday’s Episode of Not Weird, Queer on Wild Planet Radio. I’ll have music from Josh Starmer – Music, Jeffery Straker, Jen Foster and Namoli Brennet Music. I also have an interview and new music from Portland’s Panthyr. Join me 3pm Sunday on KPQR 99.1FM or splash into our LIVE web stream. #kpqr #nwq


Playlist for Season 2 Episode 14

Wild – Troye Sivan

Disappointing – John Grant

All These Lights – Karmen Buttler

I Am – Horse Mcdonald

You Make Me Want To – Jeffrey Straker

In Your Arms – Burning Nopal

Stop Playing The Song – Alex Woburn

Shine – Years & Years

Don’t Jump Don’t Fall – Tom Robinson

Bears – Tom Goss

Ghost Town – Adam Lambert

My Disguise – Josh Starmer

Sinner – Cato Anaya with Adam Joseph

The Things I Regret – Brandi Carlile

Sky Blue Sky – Avi Wisnia

Potato – Cheryl Wheeler

Close – Mattachine Social

The Other End of the Line – Robin Renee

Happiness – Rachael Sage

Tightrope – LVNMZIQ

I Wanna Be An Alchoholic – Bobby Blue

Stained Glass Window – CJ Smyth

You Stayed – Jen Foster

No Place Like Home – Roger Kuhn

Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields

Corner of the Sky – Jeffrey Wilgus

Living In My Headphones – Kendall Kelly

Best Shot – Aiden James

Three Doors Down – Carlyn Hutchins

I Wanna Be An Amazing Man – Christian Andreason

Coming up on Sunday’s Not Weird, Queer, I’ll have music from Jen Foster, Mattachine Social, Avi Wisnia, Christian Andreason, Aiden James, Lvnmuziq, and much more! Tune at 3pm on 99.1 FM or splash into our Live! web stream at

Tomorrow’s Not Weird Queer is going to be completely different. And from the hordes of ghouls I see coming over the horizon, I may not be the voice you hear. I will however have music from Robert UrbanBeth ArentsenJoshua ThomasScott FreeNamoli BrennetRoger KuhnBrady Earnhart, and more! 3pm 99.1 FM and live world wide stream at

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Halloween Ain’t Over Yet Show

Coming Sunday Nov. 1st

Tune in and you will experience come of the coolest Halloween music you’ve never heard before.

So here is a little sneak peak of what you will hear on Sunday’s Halloween Aint Over Yet Show. Dave HallCorinne Curcio, Daniel Link, Dan Manjovi, Gothic Archies, London Gay Men’s Chorus, Beth Arentsen, and Al Start. Tune in at 99.1 FM in the Portland area and Splash into the Live Web Stream at