Episode #41 Playlist:

Episode #41 Playlist:

Shine – Years & Years​
This Could Be Us – Doug Locke​
Go Back Now – Bridge 19​
True Trans Soul Rebel – Against Me!​
Don’t Jump Don’t Fall – Tom Robinson Music​
Poor Devils – Girl Fry​
In Your Arms – Burning Nopal​
Girl of the Minute – L.A. L.A Walkway​
Contortionista – The Lucky Jukebox Brigade​
Somebody – Jen Foster​
Sink In – Byron Rice​
The Things I Regret – Brandi Carlile​
Burn The Boats – Jeffery Straker​
Learned It On Me – The Indigo Girls​
Goin’ To The Dance With You – Shawn Ryan​
Easy Go – Heart Harbor​
Huck’s Confession – Brady Earnhart​
Just Bear With Me (Tribal) – Freddy Freeman​
Everything Is Free – Chris Eureka
Love Makes A Family – Kristie Stremel​
Love ’round the World – Ryan Cassata​
Books & Drinks – Kevin Wong​
Frost – Rachael Sage​
Seneca Falls To Selma – Linq​
On My Way To Finding You – Drake Jensen​
Forgotten How To Dream – Dan Manjovi​
Be Just Fine – Aiden James
Eventually – Crys Matthews​
A Little Magic – Scott Free​
Ditch Lilies – Namoli Brennet​

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Episode # 38

Full Playlist

The Indigo Girls​ – Learned It On Me
Girl Fry​ – Poor Devils
Neon Trees​ – Songs I Can’t Listen To
Summer Osborne​ – This Is Your Call

MIKA​ – Talk About You
L.A. L.A Walkway​ – Girl of the Minute
Craymo​ – Love You More
Derek Bishop​ – Baggage

Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah
The Lucky Jukebox Brigade​ – Contortionista
Byron Rice​ – Sink In
Devin Sha’ Garza-Beaman​ – Straight Guy Gay Guy

Steven Franz – Skins And Shirts
Christopher Dallman​ – Ghosts
Jeremiah Clark​ – United States Dividing
Your Heart Breaks​ – The Echo And The Ocean

Tom Robinson Music​ – Don’t Jump Don’t Fall
Burning Nopal​ – In Your Arms
Doug Locke​ – King
Audrey Cecil​ – Song From Me

The Magnetic Fields​ – Andrew In Drag
Jay Brannan​ – Blue-Haired Lady
Doug Strahm​ – Drive
Who Is Fancy​ – Goodbye

Josh Starmer​ – Void
James Panther​ – Desirable
Joshua Bley​ – I Think It’s Going To Rain
Onsario​ – Temple Times

Biello Martin Studio​ – First Comes Love​
Dave Hall​ – Mermaide Parade
Disappear Fear​ – Love Out Loud


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