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Thank You!!!

When I set out to create an entity that would provide support to the LGBT singer/songwriter/musician community my vision was a lump of clay and I had no idea how to even make the wheel spin.

I reached out to a handful of people for ideas and feedback and through that molded and created Quest of Life Media & Broadcast. QLRadio followed later, I initially had a different forum for marketing your music and quickly realized QoLMB wanted and needed more control.

When we launched I had spent everyday with the organization for over a year, I had it clear in my head. Building the brand in the community would take longer and be more difficult than I ever imagined. There have been a few times in the last 11 and 1/2 months since we launched that I was not sure I had it in me to continue. Last week was one of those and probably the worst one of them all.

Then I reached out and was overwhelmed by the support I received. I asked and the community responded. I’m determined to carry on. QLRadio and Quest of Life will march on through tomorrow and will see our 1 Year Anniversary on February 1st.

Thank you so very much for responding when it was a critical moment, and it is still important.

PS πŸ™‚ February is coming fast and we will need those operating funds again. Currently our proposed budget for 2019 is at bare bones $3000. The sooner we have those funds the faster we can focus on the other ideas we have for supporting LGBT singer/songwriters/musicians. Watch for our 2019 Operational Campaign “COMING SOON”

Oh but please don’t feel you have to wait to support us.



Tuesday Jan. 15, 2019

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast needs your help today. We need your tax deductible contribution today. Our funds are depleted and without your tax-deductible contribution today, our BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC (as well as their Canadian counterparts, SOCAN and Re:Sound, and U.K. counterparts, PPL and PRS for Music) licenses will expire, our internet radio access will expire and our phone service will expire and QLRadio will discontinue broadcasting on Tuesday Jan. 15, 2019. We made huge ground up in November and December and were able to pay off a substantial amount of our start up costs. We need your help today to continue our work beyond Tuesday the 15th, 3 days from now. We hope to be able to continue our mission of assisting the LGBT music community with album production, marketing through QLRadio, and in the future grants and tour planning assistance. We need your support today to be able to move forward and continue to build on the following we have had join us since Feb. 2018. We hope you find value in the work we have been doing and in the assistance our mission lays out, in the future. Please consider a tax deductible donation today of any amount. Tuesday Jan. 15, 2019 QLRadio will cease broadcasting with the communities support today. Cheers and have a wonderful weekend! Steve

New Year Letter from the Executive Director

Jan. 1, 2019

Happy 2019!

The last couple of years have seen some roll back as far as basic civil respect for the LGBT community. While our challenges do not reach levels like those in Russia or other countries, they are real. Music has a way of reaching people at the core of their being. You feel music in your body.Β 

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast’s mission is to assist LGBT singer/songwriter/musiciansΒ  expand the reach of their music.Β 

Our LGBT community’s music is the story of our lives. It inspires, communicates positive messages, gives courage, and hope. Since our launch in February of 2018, our websites and radio station QLRadio have had visitors from over 23 countries around the world. Yes, this is great for independent LGBT artists and yet it can be argued that it reaches humanitarian levels.Β 

Russia is regularly in the top 5 of countries where visitors and listeners live. Several other countries, where LGBT oppression is alive, visit and listen. Challenges in these countries can be a matter of life and death everyday.Β 

QLRadio, QoLMB, and the music of the LGBT community are a beacon of hope. Our communities music give LGBT youth and adults a positive vision of life and a community to connect with. This has been an unexpected positive outcome of our work but one that I’m proud of.

Please help us continue our work. For as little as $5 you can give QLRadio a day of broadcasting. Due to startup costs, our first 2 quarters reflected greater expenses than income. Last quarter with the communities contributions we flipped that in a huge way and we cannot thank you enough. Today we begin a new fiscal year with new expenses and we still face startup debt, but a fast shrinking one, again, thanks to you!

Not only will your tax deductible contribution keep QLRadio broadcasting, it will help Quest of Life Media & Broadcast support the creative process of LGBT artists and give hope to LGBT youth and adults in parts of the world with extreme challenges.

A of $5 donation gives us 1 day of broadcasting. A donation of $50 gives us 10 days of broadcasting and you will receive a copy of our Holiday 2018 LGBT Artist Compilation CD as well. $100 or more will give us at least 20 days of broadcasting and you will receive 1 of our Cool New QLRadio Tees. ANY donation will get ours and the communities deepest gratitude.

Thank you and Happy New Year!Β 

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Stephen Sims

Executive Director

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast

New QLRadio Program – Beyond Trans

Beyond Trans is a podcast that dedicates itself towards activism within the Transgender community and has a big focus on interaction. The podcast is an exploration of many topics such mental health, trans resources, art and literature related to the trans experiences. The podcast also offers advice and important information on transitional information from a genuine perspective. BT podcast is a positive podcast meant to be a good influence on the community and possibly raise awareness of Transgender struggles. 4pm Eastern/Pacific on


Not Weird, Queer and QLRadio’s Top 10 Songs of 2018!

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2018 Top 10 Songs

Daughter – Ryan Cassata

Alive – Rachael Sage

Best Day Ever – Levi Kreis

Lessons from Home Plate – Tret Fure

Walk the Earth – Fanny Walked The Earth

Underground (Rian Lewis remix) – Logan Lynn

I Believe Her – Emma’s Revolution

We Are Weeds – Lars von Keitz

Put On Your Stars – Namoli Brennet

Cusp – The Villaineers

Not Weird, Queer – Playlist December 30, 2018



Salvation – The Strumbellas

Neighbors – Ryan Amador



61st Grammys LGBT NomineesΒ 

The Joke – Brandi Carlile

(The Joke – Record of the Year;Β By the Way, I Forgive You – Album of the Year;Β The Joke – Song of the Year;Β Best Americana Album;Β Best American Roots Song;Β Best American Roots Performance)

Immaterial – SOPHIE

(Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides – Best Dance / Electronic Album)

Waterfalls – Meshell Ndegeocello

(Ventriloquism – Best Urban Contemporary Album)

In My Blood – Shawn Mendes

(Teddy Geiger – In My Blood – Song of the Year)

The Middle – Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey

(Sarah Aarons – The Middle – Song of the Year)

Waiting for Life – Once on This Island Ensemble & La Chanze

(Alex Newell – Once On This Island – Best Musical Theater Album)


Sunday Dress – Lenny Zenith

Some Like It Hot – Owen Thiele

Six Queer Kids – Mike Rickard

Hold On – Ames

Rebecca Henry – Sean Della Croce

Step Back – Victor Frankenstein


pridewaveflag mic

2018 Honorable Mentions

Wasted Summer – Bryce O’Connor

The Fantasize – Rachel Rose

Loony Tune – Corday

The Mariner – Raven Coleman

Visible – Chris Chism


pridewaveflag top10

2018 Top 10 Songs

Daughter – Ryan Cassata

Alive – Rachael Sage

Best Day Ever – Levi Kreis

Lessons from Home Plate – Tret Fure

Walk the Earth – Fanny Walked The Earth

Underground (Rian Lewis remix) – Logan Lynn

I Believe Her – Emma’s Revolution

We Are Weeds – Lars von Keitz

Put On Your Stars – Namoli Brennet

Cusp – The Villaineers