Not Weird, Queer Radio Show

LGBTQ music radio program airing 6pm Sundays Coast to Coast.
Not Weird, Queer

Steve Sims – biography

Born in Seattle and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Steve began radio in New York and now resides in Oregon.

Steve joined Harry Faddis and his show The Quest of Life on WRPI Troy NY in the show’s second season in 2004 introducing the music element.  He focused on the music of LGBT artists and works to give the community artists a wider audience.

In addition to spinning the music of the LGBT community since 2004, Steve has also had the honor to judge for The Out Music Awards and The Right Out TV Music Awards.  In 2017 he was interviewed for the documentary Rock Transition from BBC Radio 4.

Steve returned to the Pacific Northwest in September of 2013 to be closer to his family.

In 2014 he founded Quest of Life Media & Broadcast. QoLMB’s mission statement is to assist the independent LGBT artist in the pursuit of their passion, to make the “road less traveled” much more traveler friendly.

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast is an LGBT media services group currently comprised of the Not Weird, Queer radio show, internet radio station Wild Planet Radio, and Tabor Studios where Not Weird, Queer and another popular radio show airing in Upstate New York are produced. QoLMB currently has a “Board of Advisors” assisting in the planning and implementation of our mission and vision which one day may include a recording studio, video production, marketing & design, record label all part of a nonprofit entity assisting LGBT artists of all mediums.

Steve has worked with several LGBT organizations in the Seattle area before moving to the Northeast:

Seattle Counseling Services
American Friends Service Committee – Gay Youth Program

Was a secretary/treasurer and board member of The Association of Gay and Lesbian Youth Advocates (AGLYA). AGLYA created the first Gay Youth Hotline in the Northwest and was part of a group of organizations that created The Lambert House, a gay youth drop-in center, one of the first in the nation.

He moved to the Northeast in 2002 to live in the community of and assist in the operation of Easton Mountain Retreat in Greenwich, NY.

Where To Tune In To NWQ

Rainbow World Radio

Sunday’s 6pm Eastern

Wild Planet Radio

Sunday’s 6pm Pacific

The Not Weird Queer intro music is an instrumental version of Chicago artist Scott Free’s Free from his 2008 album, The Pink Album (A Pop Opera)

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