QLRadio is a 24/7 streaming internet station 

devoted to the music of the LGBTQ global community.

QLRadio launched in March of 2018.

It is QoLMB’s main tool for exposing the 

world to and marketing the music of 

LGBTQ Independent Singers/Songwriters/Musicians.

As of December 2018, Listeners from over

 23 countries around the world had visited QLRadio.

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast’s 

internet Radio Station 

 Est. 2018

Devoted to the music of 

LGBT Independent singers songwriters artists musicians! 


All attempts are make to operate QLRadio following 

FCC NonCommercial Radio station guidelines

For $5 you can keep the music playing for a whole day. 

Or your tax deductible donation could give us  

a week, a month, a millennium. 

Contact Info: