Not Weird Queer Playlist Feb. 25th, 2018

Can’t Hold Us – Tom Goss
Whiskey Lick – Heiskell
Winter Song – Rob Halford
I’m No Jean Luc Picard – Jeremy James and the Villianeers
J’en Suis Désolée – Norine Braun
Dirty Love – Johhny Weir
We’re The Cool Kids – Ryan Cassata
The Giver – Liv Lombardi
Brink – Namoli Brennet
Where Two Rivers Meet – Your Heart Breaks
December Rain (Carol of Love) – December Rain
Speechless – Girlyman
Deeper Than Blue – Kendall Kelly
I Fall To Pieces – Bobby Blue
Best Day Ever – Levi Kreis
Some Like It Hot – Owen Thiele
The Door – Paisley Fields
Sun City – Douglas Savage
Careful – Melissa Ferrick
Homo Song – Mara Levi
Freedom – Tret Fire
Bad Girls – Paul Ybarra
Maybe – Marck Angel
Gender Armageddon – Shawna Virago
Mockingbird – Lucas Silveira
Car Repair – Brady Earnhart
Spaghetti (feat. Danielle Elvira) – C.J. Run
Tell Me A Story – Skylar Kergill
You Cannot – Erin McKeown
Right Behind The Rain – Phil Dutra
Men In Tights (Robin Hood: Men In Tights) – Portland Gay Men’s Chorus
King – Doug Locke

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast Introduces QLRadio and Announces Campaigns.

On Feb. 17, 2018 Quest of Life Media & Broadcast (QoLMB) a nonprofit fundraising, marketing, media, and broadcasting services organization launched QLRadio.

QLRadio is a 24/7 internet Radio Station devoted to independent LGBT singer/songwiters. It also becomes the home of the radio show Not Weird, Queer and will be looking for more programming content.

When not airing scheduled programming QLRadio will play music that has been heard on Not Weird, Queer and it’s predecessor The Quest of Life (WRPI Troy 2003-2013).

QoLMB currently has 2 fundraising campaigns occurring.

First is the Founding Donor Campaign. Individuals making a tax deductible contribution of $25 or more will be awarded the title of Founding Donor. Second is the Name That Grant Campaign. Individuals making a tax deductible contribution will have one of QoLMB’s Annual Grants to Emerging LBGT Singer/Songwriters named in their honor or in the honor of a person of their choice.

Please go to to learn more about QLRadio, the Founding Donor Campaign, or the Name That Grant Campaign.

Thank you!

Why should you Fundraise with Quest of Life Media & Broadcast?

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast:
1. We are a nonprofit organization.
2. We are composed of singers, songwriters, musicians, broadcasters, and DJ’s in the LGBT Community.
3. Every artist we work with builds our donor base and marketing reach for the next artist.
4. We only fundraise for a specific purpose – to make is easier for LGBT artists to release new albums.
5. We give grants to emerging artists to produce albums
6. 15% of income for Partner Projects goes to our general fund, AND 5% of the income to our general fund during Partner Projects goes to the Partner Project. (This is only a starter point and we are monitoring the results to determine if adjustments should be made to keep it beneficial to all).
7. We use our Social Media, Contacts, Internet Radio Station, and Other Outlets to help you market your new album to the LGBT community when it is released

1. Kickstarter, Inc. is a privately-held, venture capital backed crowdfunding platform.
2. Kickstarter according to an article in Entrepreneur, never considered becoming a nonprofit.
3. Funding on Kickstarter is “all of your funding goal-or-nothing”.
4. Kickstarter has a 5% fee, and payment processing fees (between 3% and 5%) and gives nothing back to the LGBT community.
5. Kickstarter does not give out grants.
6. Kickstarter does not assist in marketing.

1. Indiegogo is a privately held company.
2. Indiegogo charges a 5% fee on contributions. This charge is in addition to Stripe credit card processing charges of 3% + $0.30 per transaction.
3. Indiegogo gives nothing back to the LGBT community.
4. Indiegogo does not give out grants.
5. Indiegogo does not assist in marketing.

1. GoFundMe is a privately-held company.
2. GoFundMe charges 0% platform fee but charges a 2.9% plus $0.30 payment processing for credit and debit card donations
3. GoFundMe gives nothing back to the LGBT community.
4. GoFundMe does not give out grants.
5. GoFundMe does not assist in marketing.

Please help build our donor and marketing base and help artists produce new albums by going to and making a tax deductible donation today! Thank You!


Not Weird, Queer Feb. 18, 2018 Edition Playlist



Grab n’Go mp3


Speechless – Girlyman

Daughterson – Joe Stevens

Abba and Out – 4 Poofs and a Piano

Song From Me – Audrey Cecil

The Story – Brandi Carlile

Whiskey In Churches – Cassidy Haley

Best Day Ever – Levi Kreis

If They Only Knew – Alfie Arcuri

December Rain – Craymo

You Cannot – Erin McKeown

Il a dit – Alvin Point

In Your Arms – David Johnson

Some Like It Hot – Owen Thiele

Sun City – Douglas Savage

I’m Free – Paul Ybarra

Maybe – Marck Angel

Togetherness – Fischerspooner (feat. Caroline Polachek)

Brink – Namoli Brennet

J’en Suis Désolée – Norine Braun

Whiskey Lick – Heiskell

I’m No Jean Luc Picard – Jeremy James and the Villianeers

Los Ageless – St. Vincent

Spaghetti (featuring Danielle Elvira) – C.J. Run

Slow It Down – Kim Petras

Gender Armageddon – Shawna Virago

Mockingbird – Lucas Silveira

Careful – Melissa Ferrick

0 Miles – Karma

Swallowed Whole – Lucas Mire

Dirty Love – Johhny Weir


Sunday’s Edition of Not Weird, Queer


Coming up on Sunday’s Edition go Not Weird, Queer I’ll have new music from Levi Kreis and #OwenThiele as well as a selection of songs from a playlist Ryan Otto Cassata created called Songs To Transition To.
The Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics are happening and The Official Johnny G. Weir is a commentator so I’ve got a song from him and 2 songs climbing from artists heard here on Not Weird, Queer that are rapidly climbing the euro charts. And we will be listening to some Lucas Miré, 4 Poofs and a Piano, Brandi Carlile, Cassidy Haley, and many more! 6pm Coast to Coast #gaymusic #nwqpdx

18 Days, a blink or an eon

Take a moment and ponder these questions. Is there an LGBT artist whose music you enjoy? Are you yourself an LGBT artist or friends with one? What makes you take notice of a nonprofit? What moves you to take the next step and contribute money to them.

I really personally need your help. I’ve been mulling around words that best describe how I’m feeling right now. The word that keeps popping up is bewildered and for some reason I don’t like it. I know part of what I’m feeling today comes from the fact that where I sit today really does not look the way I’d imagined it would.

I took a turn down this path because it looked like a way I could do more. I continued down it because when I talked to people about my vision the sense I got was indeed YES, this is a great way to do more. I embraced feedback and ideas. QoLMB began it’s work 18 days ago. I know that’s not very long intellectually and yet emotionally its an eon. 18 days, daily posts on about a dozen social media platforms, a multitude of reposts, dozens and dozens of emails, press releases,and phone calls and just 4 contributions. I personally need your help so my optimism does not wain to the point I begin to feel the fool for the hours and money invested in heading down this path. Again I know 18 days is not that long, but it’s kind of scary when the great feedback I received has led to 4 donations. Send me a dime or the price of a cup of copy please send me a sign. My optimism muscle needs protein.



Remember this commercial?

Let’s do it!