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Nearing an unimaginable epic beginning.

Greetings All,
Approximately 14 months or so ago I began really thinking about how I could make a difference for the LGBT singer / songwriters whose music I’ve had the honor to play the last 14 years. Very, very soon, a new non-profit devoted to assisting LGBT independent singer / songwriters will begin doing the work spelled out in it’s mission. What makes this even more amazing is the reaction and emotions pouring out of the artists who will be our debut partner. But first.

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast – A Non-Profit Organization 

While the music world has opened up more and more to the independent artist, it has also diluted fundraising and marketing opportunities. It has become more challenging for the artist to pursue their dreams and passions. QoLMB”s goal, as an organization with the LGBT community’s interest at heart, is to centralize fundraising and marketing in one location eliminating the multitude of crowd funding sources and social media marketing platforms.

Centralizing it will get everyones energy focused in one direction, expanding reach and freeing the artist to spend more time creating. Our goal is to change the world for the independent singer songwriter. We want to work to reduce or eliminate obstacles to their dreams and passions. We hope to one day have a network of recording studios that will help us reduce costs even more. Sustainability is important and we have left the door open to allow us to change and modify to stay successful but also grow the communities we serve. We are creating a pay-it-forward mentality where each subsequent project stands on the success of the previous. We want to give the beginning singer/songwriter the ability to see dreams to fruition.
The last year has been spent laying a solid foundation. We are going to give grants to artists to produce albums and partner with more established artists to raise funds for them to produce a new album.
Here is the most amazing part. Just by random chance, David Johnson of Seattle was asked if he was interested in being our first partner. He said yes. And then I saw this posting from him:
“This could be the literal moment my dreams are coming true. Right now.”
David then did the most amazing thing. He literally ran with the opportunity being presented to him. When I was on the phone with him today he was so emotional at the chance to put out an album of his music, he was choking back tears. And then he said “I’ve managed to get Roger Fisher, a founding member of Heart and Seattle jazz guitarist Michael Powers, to be involved as studio musicians for the recording session. Had I sat down with an event coordinator I don’t think I could have come up with that or the several other things he is doing. I’m moved by his reaction to this entity I’ve created and the work we are about to embark on.
Very soon we will be able to begin raising money to fulfill the dreams of LGBT singer/songwriters.

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast


******************************** Press Release**********************************

Jan. 8, 2018

I’m very close to throwing open the doors on a non-profit I’ve been building for the last year.

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast will be an organization that works with independent artists to direct their fundraising in one lean mean organization whose mission is to then turn around and finance new album production!

We are also developing a reference of network venues for artists to turn to so they can plan tours in unknown parts.

We will broaden the reach of marketing.

2 of the board members have a video production company in West Hollywood that may potentially provide inexpensive video production.

One day hope to have several recording studios across the country.

Wild Planet Radio who lost their FM location in Oct. 2016, but still has their internet presence was acquired by QoLMB in Feb and is a part of the new non-profit.

I’m finalizing a fiscal sponsor that will let me start work as I wade through the 501-c-3 process.

I hope to be able to start raising money by Feb. 1

I already have a partner project. We will be working with David Johnson of

Seattle on his upcoming album.

The initial model has 2 programs, a partner program and a general program. The partner is raising money for a specific project and we will get 15% of funds raised for our general admin and general programs. General programs will be raising money for upcoming grant awards and admin, and we will return 5% of those donations back to partner projects.

Tret Fure, President of Local 1000, says: “Your proposal sounds wonderful.  What a fabulous concept that I know we talked about at your home but you have fleshed out beautifully.”

You can check out the board and employees at

Stephen Sims
Executive Director
Quest of Life Media & Broadcast
An LGBT Media Services Group
     Not Weird, Queer radio show
     Wild Planet Radio

Not Weird, Queer New Years Eve Edition 12.31.17




Grab n’Roll MP3



Los Ageless – St. Vincent

Except You – David Johnson

Black Lipstick Kiss (Lov3mix) 2017 – Random Order

I Feel Love – Paul Ybarra

Moon Girl – No Reception

A Million Years – Heart Harbor

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve – Rufus Wainwright

Say It To Me – Pet Shop Boys

Teacher, Teacher – Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre & London Gay Men’s Chorus

Lost On You – LP

The Force – Becky Kill

Down – Naked Highway

The Imagineers – Crys Matthews

Where Two Rivers Meet – Your Heart Breaks

Nanshou – Ember Swift

Meg Ryan – Ah-Mer-Ah-Su

Cannibals – Bathrobe Robots

Scared Of The Dark – Steps

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On (From “Million Dollar Quartet”) – Levi Kreis

Mourning Sound – Grizzle Bear

Just Believe – Shawn Thomas & Debra Lynn Rodriguez Hold On (feat. Alex Francis) – Melanie C

Whiskey Lick – Heiskell

Tie-Dye – Wilder Daze

********TOP 5 of 2017*********

Seasons – Greyson Chance

The Color of the Skin – Pamela Means

Brink – Namoli Brennet

I’m No Jean Luc Picard – Jeremy James and The Villianeers

Black In America – Ahmond


Auld Lang Syne – Pink Martini

Not Weird, Queer Christmas Eve Special 12.24.17 Playlist and MP3.


Version 2


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Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher – Elton John

Carol of the Bells – Straight No Chaser

Santa Baby – Pink Martini

The Reindeer Hula – Gay Men’s Chorus of Washinton  D.C.

December Rain – Craymo

The UPS Carol – D.C.Anderson

Gesu Bambino – Shawn Thomas

I Believe In Father Christmas

Peace – Fruit

I’m Gonna E-Mail Santa – Billy Gilman

Hare Krishna Christmas – Robin Renee

Frozen Smiles – Erin McKeown

This Time of Year – Melissa Ferrick

Beary Merry Christmas – Freddy Freeman

Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas – Christine Ebersole

Carols At Christmas – Girlyman

River – Namoli Brennet

Feliz Navidad – Daphne Rubin-Vega

Thank God It’s Christmas – Queen

The Virgin Mary Had A One Son – Dave Hall

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear – Jay Spears

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus – Danielle LoPresti

Miracles Are Seen In The LIght – Rev. Yolanda

Christmas Moon – Doug Strahm

This Year – Jana Fisher

Christmas Bells – Norine Braun

Baby It’s Cold Outside (with Kim Nalley) – Shawn Ryan

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow – Chely Wright

Through A Child’s Eyes – Thomas Raniszewski

Feel Good Holiday – Jon Noble

What Are You Doing New Years Eve – Rufus Wainwright