Episode #44 August 30, 2015


Brady Earnhart

Who Is Fancy

Miles Graham

bobby blue

Brandi Carlile


Indigo Girls

Jeremiah Clark

Tom Goss

Bobby Jo Valentine

Doug Locke

Jeffery Straker

Girl Fry

L. A. Walkway


Andrew Suvalsky

namoli brennet

Scott Free

Years & Years

Burning Nopal

Norine Braun

Adam Lambert

Ryan Cassata

Alex Woburn

Jamie Anderson

Random Order

Cassidy Haley

Nervous But Excited

Morry Campbell

Toby Madigan

Byron Rice

Lea DeLaria

Episode #41 Playlist:

Episode #41 Playlist:

Shine – Years & Years​
This Could Be Us – Doug Locke​
Go Back Now – Bridge 19​
True Trans Soul Rebel – Against Me!​
Don’t Jump Don’t Fall – Tom Robinson Music​
Poor Devils – Girl Fry​
In Your Arms – Burning Nopal​
Girl of the Minute – L.A. L.A Walkway​
Contortionista – The Lucky Jukebox Brigade​
Somebody – Jen Foster​
Sink In – Byron Rice​
The Things I Regret – Brandi Carlile​
Burn The Boats – Jeffery Straker​
Learned It On Me – The Indigo Girls​
Goin’ To The Dance With You – Shawn Ryan​
Easy Go – Heart Harbor​
Huck’s Confession – Brady Earnhart​
Just Bear With Me (Tribal) – Freddy Freeman​
Everything Is Free – Chris Eureka
Love Makes A Family – Kristie Stremel​
Love ’round the World – Ryan Cassata​
Books & Drinks – Kevin Wong​
Frost – Rachael Sage​
Seneca Falls To Selma – Linq​
On My Way To Finding You – Drake Jensen​
Forgotten How To Dream – Dan Manjovi​
Be Just Fine – Aiden James
Eventually – Crys Matthews​
A Little Magic – Scott Free​
Ditch Lilies – Namoli Brennet​

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Episode # 38

Full Playlist

The Indigo Girls​ – Learned It On Me
Girl Fry​ – Poor Devils
Neon Trees​ – Songs I Can’t Listen To
Summer Osborne​ – This Is Your Call

MIKA​ – Talk About You
L.A. L.A Walkway​ – Girl of the Minute
Craymo​ – Love You More
Derek Bishop​ – Baggage

Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah
The Lucky Jukebox Brigade​ – Contortionista
Byron Rice​ – Sink In
Devin Sha’ Garza-Beaman​ – Straight Guy Gay Guy

Steven Franz – Skins And Shirts
Christopher Dallman​ – Ghosts
Jeremiah Clark​ – United States Dividing
Your Heart Breaks​ – The Echo And The Ocean

Tom Robinson Music​ – Don’t Jump Don’t Fall
Burning Nopal​ – In Your Arms
Doug Locke​ – King
Audrey Cecil​ – Song From Me

The Magnetic Fields​ – Andrew In Drag
Jay Brannan​ – Blue-Haired Lady
Doug Strahm​ – Drive
Who Is Fancy​ – Goodbye

Josh Starmer​ – Void
James Panther​ – Desirable
Joshua Bley​ – I Think It’s Going To Rain
Onsario​ – Temple Times

Biello Martin Studio​ – First Comes Love​
Dave Hall​ – Mermaide Parade
Disappear Fear​ – Love Out Loud


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