Not Weird, Queer July 15, 2018 Edition Playlist

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Alive – Rachael Sage

Daughter – Ryan Cassata

Heaven Down Here – Tuck & Patti

Jackpot – Derek Bishop

Oh Bully – Line


You’re Drunk – Brandy Clark

The Only Village People Medley – 4 Poofs & A Piano

Lessons From Home Plate – Tret Fure

The Things I Regret – Brandi Carlile

Tranimal – Shawna Virago


Should I – VonTanner

End of The World – Matt Alber

Ad for an Imaginary Russian Resort – Brady Earnhart

Skins & Shirts – Steven Franz

I Didn’t Just Kiss Her – Jen Foster


Jolene (Live) – Paisley Fields

Luna (Live) – April Rose (The Rose Monarch)

Change A Thing – Brett Basil

My Swag – Pegg Starr

Game Called Life – Doug Cash


Ukelele Me! – Stephin Merritt

Surface Envy – Sleater-Kinney

We Are Weeds – Lars von Keitz

Summer Love – Jeffery Straker

Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey) – Craymo


Roving Gypsy Boy – Steven Gellman

Momma and Mommy – Diesel Tykes

Don’t Cry No More – Chrisie Edkins

Stainless – Liz Clark

Not The End of Me – Steve Grand


Over The Rainbow – Joe McElderry

Something Wild – Maia Sharp


Sunday, July 15th


Coming up on the Sunday, July 15th edition of Not Weird, Queer, Brady Earnhart gives a travel report✈️🛳️. Scott Free performs a little magic🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️, Maia Sharp goes wild💃🕺, Jen Foster confesses to more than just a kiss👄💋, and Tret Fure has the baseball report. This and much, much more🎼🎵🎶🎸. 6pm PDT on #LGBTMusic #QueerRadio

Humanity standing firm against new Trump Administration inspired fad.

A new pastime inspired by the Trump Administration is taking hold across the nation. Outright Blatant Racism. It’s become the new fad. Unlike the usual in thing, fidget spinners for example, this is making its way through the adults. So, as a culture we’ve evidently not matured regarding racism we’ve learned to internalize it, at least until the current administration gave it the green light to “come out of the closet” Fortunately “real U.S.A. Citizens” are standing firm and saying NO! to racism.

Mourning Family and deceased booted from church.

Woman and daughter harassed at pool.

Teens assaulted at pool.

BBQ now a police emergency.

Gospel ignites calls to police.

NIMBY wages war on music.

Starbucksing while black.

The horror of the sidewalk water stand.

911 called on a Black Oregon Legislator Campaigning.

Family triggers call to police.

No parking, no smoking.

Socks triggers call to police.

Lawyer detained while doing Airbnb.

No swimming for you.

No swimming for you.

Etc. Etc.

Etc. Etc.

Etc. Etc.

Etc. Etc.

Etc. Etc.–black-golfers-police-called-20180423-story.html

Etc. Etc.

Etc. Etc.

Etc. Etc.

Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh To The Supreme Court

5 points regarding Kavanaugh

1. “Kavanaugh was nominated to the D.C. Appeals Court by Bush in 2003. His confirmation hearings were contentious and stalled for three years over charges of partisanship.”

2. “A protégé of Ken Starr, Kavanaugh played a lead role in drafting the Starr Report, which urged the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.[1] Kavanaugh led the investigation into the suicide of Clinton aide Vince Foster.”

3. “In July 2007, Democratic Senators Patrick Leahy and Dick Durbin accused Kavanaugh of “misleading” the Senate committee during his nomination regarding his involvement in formulating the Bush administration’s detention and interrogation policies in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.”

4. “Kavanugh has stated that he considers Roe v. Wade binding under the principle of stare decisis and would seek to uphold it,[23] but has also ruled in favor of some restrictions for abortion.”

5. “GLAAD has condemned Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

‘Kavanaugh’s extreme conservative record and his past support by Southern Poverty Law Center-designated anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Resource Council (FRC) are deeply concerning.’”

Not Weird, Queer July 8, 2018 Edition Playlist

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Summer Wine – Lee Lessack

Where The River Bends – Martin Swinger

Best Day Ever – Levi Kreis

The Door – Paisley Fields

Brink – Namoli Brennet


Lessons From Home Plate – Tret Fure

Something In My House – Pillo Bytr


Daughter – Ryan Cassata

We’re The Cool Kids – Ryan Cassata

Letters To The Hospital – Mae Krell

Scars – Mae Krell

Cover to Cover – The Rose Monarch

Breathe In – The Rose Monarch


Change A Thing – Brett Basil

Some Like It Hot – Owen Thiele

The Mariner – Raven Coleman

No Excuses – Naked Highway

Momma and Mommy – Diesel Tykes


Mexicali Rose – Bobby Blue

Transcendence – Rev. Yolanda

Loverboy – Ryan Amador

Should I – VonTanner

United States Dividing – Jeremiah Clark


Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey) – Craymo

Thin Rail – Thin Rail

Amazon – Nedra Johnson

We Are Weeds – Lars von Keitz

Fool – Sue Merchant


Not The End of Me – Steve Grand

Stainless – Liz Clark

Alive – Rachael Sage

July 8th Edition of Not Weird, Queer

Coming up on cassatakrellroseQ I’ll have music from Ryan Otto Cassata Mae Krell and April Rose Gabrielli who are in Portland Monday night for a show you can find out more by emailing I’ll also have music from Thin Rail, Nedra Johnson Lee Lessack Sue Merchant, Jeremiah Clark Naked Highway and many more. 6pm PDT #LGBT #TransPride #NWQPDX

Not Weird, Queer July 1, 2018 Edition Playlist


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Freedom (ft. Nhojj) – The Diesel Tykes

We Need A War – Fischerspooner

Color Of Stars – Kristie Stremel & The 159ers

When Johnny Comes Marching Home – Ronnie Gilbert, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Rufus Wainwright

Thank God Virginia (New Mix) – Brady Earnhart


One-Breasted President – JEN/ed

Rodeo Hoe Down – Aaron Copeland

Battle Hymn of the Intolerant – Scott Free

Black In America – Ahmond

Color of the Skin – Pamela Means


Peace – Fruit

Oh Bully – Linq

Amazing Grace (ft. Sam Archer) – Nhojj

Lavender Country – Lavender Country

Talkin’ Bout A Revolution – Tracy Chapman


Grapes of Wrath (Live) – Namoli Brennet

Glory, Glory – Leah Zicari

All American Girl – Melissa Etheridge

Battle Hymn for an Army of Lovers – Crys Matthews

I’m Free – Paul Ybarra


Bring Me Down Dixie – Kate Brown

Allegiance – Jeremy James

O Canada (Canadian Penny Charm) – Jill Sobule

Oh Canada – Norine Braun

Future Politics – Austra


All America Boy – Steve Grand

Free – Scott Free

Freedom – Tret Fure

Fire With Fire – Scissor Sisters

United States Dividing – Jeremiah Clark