Today’s Episode

Full Play List:

Burning Nopal, In Your Arms

Joshua Starmer, Void

Crys Matthews, Eventually

Devin Sha’, Straight Guy Gay Guy

Disappear Fear, Love Out Loud*

Joshua Bley, I Think It’s Going To Rain Today

Doug Strahm, Drive

Paul Ybarra, Gypsy

Jeremiah Clark, United States Dividing

Horse, I Am

Who Is Fancy, Goodbye

Kristie Stremel, Love Makes A Family

James Panther, Desirable

Byron Rice, Sink In

Sam Smith, Nirvana

Namoli Brennet, Ditch Lilies

Derek Bishop, Baggage

Neon Trees, Tell Me You Love Me

Hercules and Love Affair, I Try To Talk To You

Brandi Carlile, The Things I Regret

Your Heart Breaks, The Echo And The Ocean

Biello/Martin, First Comes Love

Ryan Cassata, Hands Of Hate

Ryan Cassata, Love ’round the World (Hope)

Steve Grand , Whiskey Crime

Dave Hall, Mermaid Parade

Onsario, Temple Times

Tegan and Sara, Closer

Doug Locke, King

Episode #34 May 24th, 2015

Here is the lineup for today’s show on Wild Planet Radio, KPQR Portland. 

Crys Matthews, Devin Sha’, Disappear Fear, Joshua Bley, Doug Strahm, Paul Ybarra, Jeremiah Clark, Horse, Who Is Fancy, Kristie Stremel, James Panther, Byron Rice, SAM SMITH, Namoli Brennet, Derek Bishop, Neon Trees, Hercules and Love Affair, Brandi Carlile, Your Heart Breaks, Michael Biello, Ryan Cassata, Steve Grand , Dave Hall, Onsario, Tegan and Sara and Doug Locke.
Enjoy the show! 3pm KPQR Portland

Sunday May 17th, 2015

Sunday’s Not Weird, Queer is going to have so much new music, I’m not going to recognize my own radio show.  Check this out, I’m going to have new music from:  Joshua Bley, Neon Trees, Doug Locke, Onsario, and Jeffrey Wilgus.  This episode will be emitting new car smell right out your speakers.