Playlist: March 19, 2017

Today’s Playlist:
Freedom – Tret Fure Music Auburn, AL 3/24, Tupelo, MS 3/25
We Don’t Know – The Strumbellas Ottawa 4/1


A Million Years – Heart Harbor


Call On Me – Brett Basil

Color of the Skin – Pamela Means Northampton 3/25, Pittsfield 3/27, Cortland 3/30

A Little Magic – Scott Free Witches Among Us

Rock It – RuPaul Glasgow 3/20, Dublin 3/22, Manchester UK 3/24, London 3/25, Birmingham 3/27, Cardiff 3/28-29

Future Politics – Austra Brighton 3/21, London 3/22, Edinburgh 3/23, Manchester 3/24, Dublin 3/25, France 3/28-4/1

Try Try Try – Rachael Sage UK 3/22-4/1

We Can Let Go – Jesse Sarvinski West Hollywood 4/13



Please Explain – Catie Curtis NC 3/23-24, TN 3/25 (With Maia Sharp), GA 3/26

Sell Your Love – Extra Fancy (Official)

Forever – Jeremy Robin

Lucy – Karma

Stop Desire – Tegan and Sara Brazil 3/25, Argentina 3/28 & 4/1, Chile 4/2

Oh Bully – Linq

Nothing But The Radio – Maia Sharp TN 3/25 (With Catie Curtis)

We Are Angels – Rev. Yolanda NYC every Wednesday

Fool – Sue Merchant

Said And Done – Nervous But Excited

Wondering – Xiu Xiu Seattle 3/21, PDX 3/22, Knoxville 3/23-3/26

More Than Temporary – Tom Goss

Not A Love Song – Stewart Lewis Washington DC 4/6

Braking The Cycle Terry Christopher

Drive – The Tiptons Sax Quartet Italy 3/20, Austria 3/23 & 3/25

Mr. Carpentier – Robert German

Living Out Proud – Sugarbeach

Brandy Alexander – Towering Trees

Hot and Sticky (Live) – Parker House and Theory

Nanshou – Ember Swift China 3/31

Let’s Have A Kiki – Scissor Sisters



Sunday, March 12, 2017 Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 3.12.17

Solidao – Pink Martini (Austin 3/12, San Antonio 3/15, Houston 3/17-3/19)

Color of the Skin – Pamela Means

Shovels & Dirt – Strumbellas

Freedom – Tret Fure

Call On Me – Brett Basil

A Little Magic – Scott Free (Featuring Matthew Huston, Caitlin Jackson & Saja Blevins)

Rock It (To The Moon) – RuPaul (feat. KUMMERSPECK) (Antwerp 3/17, Newcastle, UK 3/19)

On The Force – Becky Kill

A Million Years – Heart Harbor (feat. Erin McKeown, Jesse Moore, & Julia Rainer)

Oh Bully – Linq

Forever – Jeremy Robin

Future Politics – Austra (Berlin 3/13, Milan 3/15, Lousanne 3/16, Bern 3/17 Cologne 3/18, Hamburg 3/19)

Try Try Try (Chamber Version) – Rachael Sage (Brighton 3/12, New York 3/13, Taunton 3/16, Bromsgrove 3/17, Holmfirth 3/18, Newark, UK 3/19)

Please Explain – Catie Curtis

We Are Angels – Rev. Yolanda (New York 3/19)

Nothing But The Radio – Maia Sharp

Stop Desire – Tegan & Sara

Meteorite (From Bridget Jones’s Baby) – Years & Years

Wondering – Xiu Xiu

Take Off Your Sunglasses – Ezra Furman & The Harpoons  (Brooklyn 3/18)

Lost Youth / Lost You – How To Dress Well

7 Wonders – Sergey Lazarev

Masterpiece – Big Thief (Reunion, TX 3/16, Austin 3/17, Fort Worth 3/19)

More Than Temporary – Tom Goss

Be Myself – Craymo

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear

Indian Girl – Barbarellatones

Thin Rail – Thin Rail

Stained Glass Window – CJ Smyth

Sky Blue Sky – Avi Wisnia

Nanshou – Ember Swift


Music Unions Local 1000 For Touring Musicians


Music Unions Local 1000 For Touring Musicians

Music Unions – Local 1000

by Jamie Anderson

I know I’ve blabbed about my union here before but it bears repeating.

If you’re a touring musician and you’d like free legal advice, affordable health insurance, instrument insurance, a pension, and other bennies, you need Local 1000. If you’re a US citizen who plays in Canada, they can help you. Likewise, if you’re a Canadian who wants to play in the US. I have disability insurance for the first time in my life because of this union. And a pension! And it’s all affordable.

Sorry if I sound like a bad commercial but really, I can’t believe that more of you don’t belong. Maybe you have some of the fears I did before I joined. I’ll list a few and let you know the reality.

1. Fear:
I’ll have to make bookers pay me some ungodly union wage just to play. Reality: Scale wages are currently $220 for a large concert, $110 for a small concert and $70 for an opener. Does that sound like too much to you? And know that there are no union cops ready to bust you if they think you’ve played a large concert instead of a small one. You make that decision.

2. Fear
I’ll be buried in paperwork. Reality: I filled out ONE form to join. I file a simple monthly form to pay my pension. (I’m incorporated so I pay into my own pension.) A few times a year the union sends me a bill for my work dues.

3. It’ll cost too much. I already make so little as a touring performer. Reality: It costs a one time fee of $100 US or $130 Canadian. Work dues are very reasonable. My last bill for work dues came to $56 and that was for two months. (You pay a percentage of your income so that amount does vary.)

4. Fear
It’s just a small bunch of disorganized musicians. Reality: Nope. I’ve never had a problem getting answers to questions. I once had a legal problem that got a response the next day. The union is affiliated with the AFM and AFL-CIO; very large unions.

5. Fear:
I don’t play music full time so I won’t qualify.Reality: You just have to be a musician who tours. Period.

Get more information at Music Union Local 1000. I can answer questions but it’s best to read the website first. You can also talk to one of the board members. Their addresses are on the website.

And in case you need further incentive, check out who else is a member: Bernice Johnson Reagon, Toshi Reagon, Ani Difranco, Janis Ian, Kim and Reggie Harris, Greg Brown, Pete Seeger, Ember Swift, Peter Yarrow, Laura Love, Tret Fure and many more.

** Our thanks to Jamie for reminding us of Music Unions and that they are a good option. **

Music Unions – Local 1000

Office Hours: Tues and Thurs: 10:00 AM -5:00 PM EST

Local 1000 is the Federation’s non-geographic local, representing traveling folk musicians in both the US and Canada.

Dues if Paid Annually: $172.00
Dues if Paid Quarterly: $45.50
Local 1000 Initiation Fee (one-time): $35.00
Federation Initiation Fee (one-time): $65.00


Tret Fure, President
Debra Cowan, Vice Pres
Scott Berwick, Sec / Tres
Charlie Pilzer, Eastern Rep/Exec Board
Aaron Fowler, Midwest Rep/Exec Board
Daniel Boling, Western Rep/Exec Board
Eve Goldberg, Canadian Vice President
Aaron Fowler, Vice President
Aaron Fowler, Vice Pres
Jurisdiction:  US and CA for traveling folk musicians
female singer Jamie Anderson picture

Jamie Anderson is a singer, songwriter, comic, who’s toured since the 80’s, singing songs about food, sex and mama. She’s also taught songwriting and other music classes at Duke University, festivals and through arts organizations. Can be bribed with chocolate. “…solid songwriting and engaging stage presence.” — Billboard

Playlist March 5, 2017

Diamonds & Stiletto Heels – Anna Gutmanis
Chrysanthemum – Namoli Brennet
Edwin – Blacksheeps
Edwin Video

On The Fence – Becky Kill
Leaping Lesbians – Sue Fink
Nanshou – Ember Swift
Waterfall – Cris Williamson
You Make Me Want To – Jeffery Straker
Ghost Town – Adam Lambert
Make America Great Again – Pussy Riot (3/10 San Francisco, 3/11 Los Angeles)
Color of His Skin – Pamela Means
Lost Youth/Lost You – How To Dress Well
Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order
Please Explain – Catie Curtis
Don’t Jump – Tom Robinson (3/10 Frome)
Winter Song – Rob Halford
Helplessly – Andrew Suvalski
Goodbye – Who Is Fancy
Flash & Click – Reuben Butchart
Torrey Pines – Your Heart Breaks & The Beaconettes
Masterpiece – Big Thief (3/5 Seattle, 3/7 San Francisco, 3/8 West Hollywood, 3/10 San Diego, 3/11 Phoenix)
Broken Hearts / Bones – Parlour Tricks
Morton Street – Zecca
Future Politics – Austra (March 5 – March 11 touring in Germany & Poland)
Lost On You – L.P.
Million Years – Heart Harbor
Take Off Your Sunglasses – Ezra Furman & The Harpoons (3/9-3/11 Savannah)
Still Right Here – Melissa Ferrick
Shovels & Dirt – The Strumbellas
Happiness – Rachael Sage (3/8 Sturminster Newton, 3/9 Porthcawl, 3/10 Harpenden, 3/11 Winchester)

PODCAST of today’s broadcast.

Coming March 5, 2017

Coming up on Sunday’s episode of Not Weird, Queer I’ve got another new song from Ember Swift and this one is in Chinese Mandarin. PussyRiot joins us and I’ve got music from Cris Williamson, Rachael Sage, Melissa Ferrick, Reuben Butchart, Tom Robinson, and Jeffery Straker. 6pm Coast to Coast. #queerradio #gayradio #nwqpdx #lgbt