Playlist March 5, 2017

Diamonds & Stiletto Heels – Anna Gutmanis
Chrysanthemum – Namoli Brennet
Edwin – Blacksheeps
Edwin Video

On The Fence – Becky Kill
Leaping Lesbians – Sue Fink
Nanshou – Ember Swift
Waterfall – Cris Williamson
You Make Me Want To – Jeffery Straker
Ghost Town – Adam Lambert
Make America Great Again – Pussy Riot (3/10 San Francisco, 3/11 Los Angeles)
Color of His Skin – Pamela Means
Lost Youth/Lost You – How To Dress Well
Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order
Please Explain – Catie Curtis
Don’t Jump – Tom Robinson (3/10 Frome)
Winter Song – Rob Halford
Helplessly – Andrew Suvalski
Goodbye – Who Is Fancy
Flash & Click – Reuben Butchart
Torrey Pines – Your Heart Breaks & The Beaconettes
Masterpiece – Big Thief (3/5 Seattle, 3/7 San Francisco, 3/8 West Hollywood, 3/10 San Diego, 3/11 Phoenix)
Broken Hearts / Bones – Parlour Tricks
Morton Street – Zecca
Future Politics – Austra (March 5 – March 11 touring in Germany & Poland)
Lost On You – L.P.
Million Years – Heart Harbor
Take Off Your Sunglasses – Ezra Furman & The Harpoons (3/9-3/11 Savannah)
Still Right Here – Melissa Ferrick
Shovels & Dirt – The Strumbellas
Happiness – Rachael Sage (3/8 Sturminster Newton, 3/9 Porthcawl, 3/10 Harpenden, 3/11 Winchester)

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Coming March 5, 2017

Coming up on Sunday’s episode of Not Weird, Queer I’ve got another new song from Ember Swift and this one is in Chinese Mandarin. PussyRiot joins us and I’ve got music from Cris Williamson, Rachael Sage, Melissa Ferrick, Reuben Butchart, Tom Robinson, and Jeffery Straker. 6pm Coast to Coast. #queerradio #gayradio #nwqpdx #lgbt

Welcome Wild Planet Radio!

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast would like to welcome Bobby Dupree and Wild Planet Radio to our LGBT media family. Wild Planet Radio has been streaming since 2012 . This partnership gives QoL MB a 24 hour internet streaming presence. Welcome! We are excited about our future.

#queerradio #gayradio #nwqpdx #wpr

NWQ Playlist & Podcast for Feb. 19, 2017

Today’s show will feature music from The Magnetic Fields, Manny Capozzi, Summer Osborne, and Lee Lessack.

I will  also have new music from Ember Swift and a song from a new collaboration from Ryan Woods  & Theo Hilton (Defiance, Ohio) – Clyde Petersen (Your Heart Breaks) and Toby Foster.

I’ll have a second song featuring Clyde Petersen from Your Heart Breaks. It is the opening theme song from the stop motion animated feature film Torrey Pines and it tells the story of Petersen’s queer punk coming of age in Southern California in the early 90’s.

This Is Your Call – Summer Osborne

On The Fence – Becky Kill

Lost Youth / Lost You – How to Dress Well

Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields

Please Explain – Catie  Curtis

Blue Chicago – Manny Capozzi

Baby Bear’s Porridge – Brady Earnhart

Till The End – Tom Goss

Color of the Skin – Pamela Means

For Good – Lee Lessack

No Place Like Home – Roger Kuhn

Sleep – Ember Swift

Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order

Winter Song – Rob Halford

Helplessly – Andrew Suvaksky

Goodbye –  Who Is Fancy

Tennessee – Ryan Woods / Toby Foster / Theo Hilton / Clyde Petersen
Torrey Pines – Your Heart Breaks & The Beaconettes 

Masterpiece – Big Thief

Broken Hearts / Bones – Parlor Tricks

Morton Street – Zecca

My Two Daddies – Brent Almond

Future Politics – Austra

Meteorite – Years & Years

Lost On You – L. P.

Pick A Pocket Or Two – Metropolitan Klezmer

Million Years – Heart Harbor

Take Off Your Sunglasses – Ezra Furman & The Harpooners

Amazing Grace (Featuring Sam Archer) – Nhojj

Shovels & Dirt – Strumbellas

King – Doug Locke


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Film Review: Songs for Alexis

Songs for Alexis (2014)

Director: Elvira Lind

Coming of age with a twist. 

By Steve Sims

Songs For Alexis 2014

An iconic image of teenage years is the long haired boy who sings and plays guitar. He’s mysterious and alluring, you want to get closer, learn more about this boy you see. Elvira Lind’s 2014 film Songs For Alexis takes that storyline, ups the game and throws in 21st century gender identity to create a funny, painful, and raw story. It is an authentic visual about being true to self, figuring out self and navigating a world which has the potential to be fatally hostile.

Songs For Alexis is a biopic of singer songwriter Ryan Cassata. Ryan is 18, trying to make his mark in music while exploring the roller coaster of young love. He’s trying to unravel what makes a man , experimenting with which facial hair hits the home run. Ryan has the added challenge of doing this as a transgender man and accompanying him on this journey is his girlfriend Alexis. 

This is your typical coming of age story, brothers arguing over the use of the car, the boyfriend jealous of the guy paying to much attention to his girl, waking up to find your nipples have fallen off, or when planning a cross country road trip, working out which route has the least chance to cause you serious or fatal harm. Okay, perhaps not typical, but yeah, we are all human.

Elvira did an amazing job with this. It’s a story about a boy, who with the love and support of his family and friends is doing the coming of age thing, being true to himself , finding his passions, courageously trying to make it in music and being a transgender man.