I am excited to inform you that on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, at 12:01am PST, Quest of Life Media & Broadcast a nonprofit organization goes LIVE and will begin doing the work to fulfill our mission.

QoLMB is going to help LGBT artists produce and market new albums, the fruit of their passion! We will centralize fundraising under one roof, a roof that is the LGBT community, shares their passion for music, and understands the challenges they face.

The internet has opened doors for them and with that has come new challenges in fundraising and marketing. Artists are using several different fundraising sources, some don’t even guarantee you will see the money you’ve raised. In today’s world there are a multitude of marketing paths and no good way to track what all your favorite artists are doing. Bringing artists together will pool resources, contacts, and in time through partner or organization run operations hopefully drive production costs down through volume.

Do you love music? Are you thrilled when your favorite artists release new work. Help change their world. We will partner with established artists for fundraising and we will raise funds to provide the new artist, the kid in his bedroom and the college student who dreams of an album of their work with grants that they can use to make a quality studio production of their art.

The path to this place began in a chair in a studio in Troy, NY in 2003. That chair was occupied by my former co-host Harry Faddis. Quest of Life radio show was his creation. Through his creation I found a passion, and that passion brought me to the chair I sit in now.

QoLMB is comprised of the internet radio station Wild Planet Radio ( and it also produces my show Not Weird, Queer.  We are working to assemble a reference list of friendly supportive venues across the country to assist you in planning tours. The future may hold music & film studios.

As we begin our mission on Sunday, we will be partnering with artist David Johnson of Seattle. He has a portfolio of music that moves. He has dreams, and the emotions that man displayed when I asked him to join us at our inception confirmed for me that this was the correct path. More on David later.

I ask for your help in getting the word out. Our strength will be in numbers. Your donations would be amazing as well. Bring yourself and your friends to to donate and participate. NAAME (Northwest Alliance of Alternative Media & Education) a Portland, OR nonprofit will handle receiving of and distribution of funds as we await our nonprofit status. We thank and appreciate them.

I want to thank everyone who has listened, given feedback, suggestions, and played devils advocate the last 14 months. We have the support of many in the community. Tret Fure, Singer/Songwriter/Women’s Music Movement Icon and President of Local 1000, The Traveling Musicians Union in NY believes in our mission. Many others have pledged assistance.

Our music is our stories. Our stories open hearts. Open hearts bring compassion and support.

I cannot wait to fill the air with new music!


Stephen Sims
Executive Director
Quest of Life Media & Broadcast

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