The Quest of Life Radio Show

The Quest of Life is a “portable oral chapel” -Gregory Maguire

The Quest of Life Radio Show 2003-2013 WRPI Troy, 91.5 FM

Harry Faddis – biography

Harry Faddis, D.D., CPCC is a Life Coach and he works with gay men. His mission as a coach is to empower gay men in the world and to grow the number of gay coaches.

He lives at The Easton Mountain Retreat Center and is devoted to the development of Gay Community.

In 2003 he started “The Quest of Life” a radio show broadcast from WRPI in Troy, NY.  The show was devoted to promoting the themes of gay spirituality, inspiration, and LIFE.  He enjoyed collaborating with Steve Sims in doing the show and greatly appreciates the help of Rob Klengler in making the show available for PodCasting.

When he’s not working, he paints and practices Tae Kwon Do.

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Easton Mountain Retreat

Rob Klengler – biography

Rob was our Pacific Northwest based Podcast producer.

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