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Quest of Life Media & Broadcast®

The Quest of Life is “a portable oral chapel” -Gregory Maguire

The Quest of Life was a radio program that ran on WRPI Troy from 2004-2013 and was hosted by Harry Faddis and Steve Sims. QoL focused on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people leading lives of inspiration, with a special emphasis on spirituality. We featured music from GLBT artists.


Quest of Life Media & Broadcast a nonprofit organization that helps LGBT artists produce and market new albums. We are working to centralize fundraising under one roof, a roof that is the LGBT community, shares their passion for music, and understands the challenges they face.

The internet has opened doors for them and with that has come new challenges in fundraising and marketing. Artists are using several different fundraising sources, some don’t even guarantee you will see the money you’ve raised. In today’s world there are a multitude of marketing paths and no good way to track what all your favorite artists are doing. Bringing artists together will pool resources, contacts, and in time through partner or organization run operations hopefully drive production costs down through volume.


QoLMB Staff

Stephen Sims – QoLMB Executive Director –

Brett Veling – Social Media & Marketing Director –

Bobby Harsell – Wild Planet Radio Station Director –


Board of Directors

Billy Hamilton

CEO – Western Spirit Media Services


Patric “Z” Rodriguez

Producer – Industrial Street Productions (Former Producer – Disney)


Kermitt J Brooks

Managing Director and Deputy General Counsel – AXA US (Former Deputy Attorney General New York)


Dan Manjovi

Singer, Composer, Musician, Teacher, Actor


Kristie Stremel

Singer / Songwriter


Samuel Lora

Radio Journalist / Author / Community Builder


Bobby Harsell

Station Director – Wild Planet Radio


Stephen Sims

Host / Producer – Not Weird, Queer Radio Show, Executive Director – Quest of Life Media & Broadcast







One thought on “Quest of Life Media & Broadcast

  1. Dear Harry and Faddis and Steve,

    I just realized that in November you played the title track from my new CD Tom Nichols – TRUST. I just wanted to thank you so much for that and I hope this Spring finds you full of excitement and joy and everything springs back to life!

    Thanks again for sharing my music on your program.


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