May 7, 2017 Edition – Not Weird, Queer – Playlist

Broken Hearts / Bones – Parlour Tricks

Future Politics – Austra

Freedom – Tret Fury

Gay Pirates – Evan Westfal

We Don’t Know – Strumbellas

Forever – Jeremy Robin

The Wolf is at the Door – Boy’s Entrance

Down – Ryan Lill

Please Explain – Catie Curtis

Scared of the Dark – Steps

Hold On (feat. Alex Francis) – Melanie C

We Can Let Go – Jesse Sarvinski

If You Were My Baby  – Ricky Rebel

It Was Love – Kenyth Mogan

Color of the Skin – Pamela Means

You Make Me Want To – Jeffery Straker

The Dive – Jesse

Ride for Aids (feat. Alaska 5000) – Willam

Sell Your Love – Extra Fancy

Make America Great Again – Pussy Riot

Stop Desire – Tegan & Sara

Blood Under My Belt – The Drums

Bring Me Down Dixie – Kate Brown

We Are Angels – Rev. Yolanda

Slip Away – Perfume Genius

Nothing But The Radio – Maia Sharp

More Than Temporary – Tom Goss

Nanshou – Ember Swift

Swallowed Whole – Lucas Mire

St Jean Port Joli – Lucie Blue Tremblay





Playlist April, 23, 2017

Supersede The Satellites (featuring Ninjanun)- David Johnson
We Dont Know – Strumbellas
Close – Mattachine Social
In Your Arms – Burning Nopal
Freedom – Tret Fury

Make America Great Again – Pussy Riot
Color of the Skin – Pamela Means
Stop! – Against Me
Disappointing – John Grant
We Can Let Go – Jesse Sarvinski

LA Ex – Happyforyou
Forever – Jeremy Robin
Future Politics – Austra
Gay Pirates – Evan Westfal
You Make Me Want To – Jeffery Straker
A Million Years – Heart Harbor
The Dive – Jesse Paradox
Down – Naked Highway
Mr So and So – The Julie Ruin

Alright OK – Rachael Sage
Sell Your Love – Extra Fancy
Nanshou – Ember Swift
Please Explain – Catie Curtis
My Two Dads (Can Beat Up Your One) – Brent Almond

Wondering – Xiu Xiu
Blood Under My Belt – The Drums
Stop Desire – Tegan & Sara
Best Kept Secret – case/lang/veirs
Chrysanthemum – Namoli Brennet

More Than Temporary – Tom Goss
Nothing But The Radio – Maia Sharp



Playlist: March 19, 2017

Today’s Playlist:
Freedom – Tret Fure Music Auburn, AL 3/24, Tupelo, MS 3/25
We Don’t Know – The Strumbellas Ottawa 4/1


A Million Years – Heart Harbor


Call On Me – Brett Basil

Color of the Skin – Pamela Means Northampton 3/25, Pittsfield 3/27, Cortland 3/30

A Little Magic – Scott Free Witches Among Us

Rock It – RuPaul Glasgow 3/20, Dublin 3/22, Manchester UK 3/24, London 3/25, Birmingham 3/27, Cardiff 3/28-29

Future Politics – Austra Brighton 3/21, London 3/22, Edinburgh 3/23, Manchester 3/24, Dublin 3/25, France 3/28-4/1

Try Try Try – Rachael Sage UK 3/22-4/1

We Can Let Go – Jesse Sarvinski West Hollywood 4/13



Please Explain – Catie Curtis NC 3/23-24, TN 3/25 (With Maia Sharp), GA 3/26

Sell Your Love – Extra Fancy (Official)

Forever – Jeremy Robin

Lucy – Karma

Stop Desire – Tegan and Sara Brazil 3/25, Argentina 3/28 & 4/1, Chile 4/2

Oh Bully – Linq

Nothing But The Radio – Maia Sharp TN 3/25 (With Catie Curtis)

We Are Angels – Rev. Yolanda NYC every Wednesday

Fool – Sue Merchant

Said And Done – Nervous But Excited

Wondering – Xiu Xiu Seattle 3/21, PDX 3/22, Knoxville 3/23-3/26

More Than Temporary – Tom Goss

Not A Love Song – Stewart Lewis Washington DC 4/6

Braking The Cycle Terry Christopher

Drive – The Tiptons Sax Quartet Italy 3/20, Austria 3/23 & 3/25

Mr. Carpentier – Robert German

Living Out Proud – Sugarbeach

Brandy Alexander – Towering Trees

Hot and Sticky (Live) – Parker House and Theory

Nanshou – Ember Swift China 3/31

Let’s Have A Kiki – Scissor Sisters



Sunday, March 12, 2017 Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 3.12.17

Solidao – Pink Martini (Austin 3/12, San Antonio 3/15, Houston 3/17-3/19)

Color of the Skin – Pamela Means

Shovels & Dirt – Strumbellas

Freedom – Tret Fure

Call On Me – Brett Basil

A Little Magic – Scott Free (Featuring Matthew Huston, Caitlin Jackson & Saja Blevins)

Rock It (To The Moon) – RuPaul (feat. KUMMERSPECK) (Antwerp 3/17, Newcastle, UK 3/19)

On The Force – Becky Kill

A Million Years – Heart Harbor (feat. Erin McKeown, Jesse Moore, & Julia Rainer)

Oh Bully – Linq

Forever – Jeremy Robin

Future Politics – Austra (Berlin 3/13, Milan 3/15, Lousanne 3/16, Bern 3/17 Cologne 3/18, Hamburg 3/19)

Try Try Try (Chamber Version) – Rachael Sage (Brighton 3/12, New York 3/13, Taunton 3/16, Bromsgrove 3/17, Holmfirth 3/18, Newark, UK 3/19)

Please Explain – Catie Curtis

We Are Angels – Rev. Yolanda (New York 3/19)

Nothing But The Radio – Maia Sharp

Stop Desire – Tegan & Sara

Meteorite (From Bridget Jones’s Baby) – Years & Years

Wondering – Xiu Xiu

Take Off Your Sunglasses – Ezra Furman & The Harpoons  (Brooklyn 3/18)

Lost Youth / Lost You – How To Dress Well

7 Wonders – Sergey Lazarev

Masterpiece – Big Thief (Reunion, TX 3/16, Austin 3/17, Fort Worth 3/19)

More Than Temporary – Tom Goss

Be Myself – Craymo

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear

Indian Girl – Barbarellatones

Thin Rail – Thin Rail

Stained Glass Window – CJ Smyth

Sky Blue Sky – Avi Wisnia

Nanshou – Ember Swift


Playlist March 5, 2017

Diamonds & Stiletto Heels – Anna Gutmanis
Chrysanthemum – Namoli Brennet
Edwin – Blacksheeps
Edwin Video

On The Fence – Becky Kill
Leaping Lesbians – Sue Fink
Nanshou – Ember Swift
Waterfall – Cris Williamson
You Make Me Want To – Jeffery Straker
Ghost Town – Adam Lambert
Make America Great Again – Pussy Riot (3/10 San Francisco, 3/11 Los Angeles)
Color of His Skin – Pamela Means
Lost Youth/Lost You – How To Dress Well
Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order
Please Explain – Catie Curtis
Don’t Jump – Tom Robinson (3/10 Frome)
Winter Song – Rob Halford
Helplessly – Andrew Suvalski
Goodbye – Who Is Fancy
Flash & Click – Reuben Butchart
Torrey Pines – Your Heart Breaks & The Beaconettes
Masterpiece – Big Thief (3/5 Seattle, 3/7 San Francisco, 3/8 West Hollywood, 3/10 San Diego, 3/11 Phoenix)
Broken Hearts / Bones – Parlour Tricks
Morton Street – Zecca
Future Politics – Austra (March 5 – March 11 touring in Germany & Poland)
Lost On You – L.P.
Million Years – Heart Harbor
Take Off Your Sunglasses – Ezra Furman & The Harpoons (3/9-3/11 Savannah)
Still Right Here – Melissa Ferrick
Shovels & Dirt – The Strumbellas
Happiness – Rachael Sage (3/8 Sturminster Newton, 3/9 Porthcawl, 3/10 Harpenden, 3/11 Winchester)

PODCAST of today’s broadcast.

NWQ Playlist & Podcast for Feb. 19, 2017

Today’s show will feature music from The Magnetic Fields, Manny Capozzi, Summer Osborne, and Lee Lessack.

I will  also have new music from Ember Swift and a song from a new collaboration from Ryan Woods  & Theo Hilton (Defiance, Ohio) – Clyde Petersen (Your Heart Breaks) and Toby Foster.

I’ll have a second song featuring Clyde Petersen from Your Heart Breaks. It is the opening theme song from the stop motion animated feature film Torrey Pines and it tells the story of Petersen’s queer punk coming of age in Southern California in the early 90’s.

This Is Your Call – Summer Osborne

On The Fence – Becky Kill

Lost Youth / Lost You – How to Dress Well

Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields

Please Explain – Catie  Curtis

Blue Chicago – Manny Capozzi

Baby Bear’s Porridge – Brady Earnhart

Till The End – Tom Goss

Color of the Skin – Pamela Means

For Good – Lee Lessack

No Place Like Home – Roger Kuhn

Sleep – Ember Swift

Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order

Winter Song – Rob Halford

Helplessly – Andrew Suvaksky

Goodbye –  Who Is Fancy

Tennessee – Ryan Woods / Toby Foster / Theo Hilton / Clyde Petersen
Torrey Pines – Your Heart Breaks & The Beaconettes 

Masterpiece – Big Thief

Broken Hearts / Bones – Parlor Tricks

Morton Street – Zecca

My Two Daddies – Brent Almond

Future Politics – Austra

Meteorite – Years & Years

Lost On You – L. P.

Pick A Pocket Or Two – Metropolitan Klezmer

Million Years – Heart Harbor

Take Off Your Sunglasses – Ezra Furman & The Harpooners

Amazing Grace (Featuring Sam Archer) – Nhojj

Shovels & Dirt – Strumbellas

King – Doug Locke


PODCAST of today’s episode

Sunday Jan. 25th Broadcast

Last Sunday’s broadcast of NWQ.


Eventually – Crys Matthews
Rhiannon – Paul Ybarra
Tightrope – LVNMUZIQ
Favorite Pet Shop – 4 Poofs & A Piano
Fall To The Floor – Ryan Dolan
I’ll Never Let You Down – Miles Graham
Chrysanthemum – Namoli Brennet
No More Reprise – Norine Braun
Arrested – Toby Madigan
Everything Is Free – Chris Pureka
Game Called Life – Doug Cash
Mr. Lonely – bobby blue
Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order
Outsiders – Jeremy Gloff
Stop Playing the Film – Alex Woburn
It Is Well With My Soul (Featuring Darci Monet) – Levi Kreis
Diamonds & Stiletto Shoes – Anna Gutmanis
This Is Your Calling – Summer Osborne
Falling – Tom Goss

Happiness (Maddie’s Song) – Rachael Sage
One Voice – Billy Gilman Official 
Say You Will – Billy Gilman
Understood? – Jeremiah Clark
Collide Into You (Bovine Remix) – Kelly Moe
Hands of Hate – Ryan Cassata
Close – Mattachine Social
Dirty – Are In Sea
Dream Time – Tret Fure
The Undoing – Dudley Saunders
My Two Daddies (Can Beat Up Your One) – Brent Almond

Not Weird Queer Playlist 12.28.2014

2014 Wrap Up

What Are You Doing New Years Eve – Rufus Wainwright
Her Problem Now – Jamie Anderson
Finally – Matt Fishel
Stop Playing The Film – Alex Woburn
Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order
I Don’t Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters
Understood – Jeremiah Clark
This Is Your Call – Summer Osborne
Hunt Me Down – I.K.P.
14 Year Old Me -. k anderson
“2 New For You” Segment

featuring Paul Ybarra

Rhiannon – Paul Ybarra
Gypsy – Paul Ybarra

“In The Stillness of Remembering”: Paul Ybarra records the hymns of a Rock Goddess

“In The Stillness of Remembering” is the name of L.A.-based singer-songwriter, Paul Ybarra’s debut CD, yet the five songs he recorded for it are not his own but instead his homage to the words and music of Stevie Nicks. It is her song “Dreams” which includes the verse that inspired the title for this evocative and unusual EP slated for release on December 2nd 2014.

Nicks, of course, is the iconic American pop music legend and front-woman for “Fleetwood Mac” since the 1970’s – which is just where Paul selected the material to record from her vast catalog of contemporary rock standards and modern pop classics.

“I wasn’t digging for hits, but for the stories of a journey I wanted to explore in song,” Paul explains. “I found it in five songs Nicks wrote and recorded between 1975 and 1979.
One was a demo that remained unreleased for over 3 decades, another was a B-side single, while the remaining three were each A-side staples for “Fleetwood Mac” that Nicks wrote and sang on.”

Paul is a new voice in pop music whose recording roots first began in jazz and cabaret dating back to the 1980’s and 1990’s when his vocal talent was noticed by two-time Grammy-winning jazz singer Diane Schurr for whom he performed as an opening act. Musical theater led to drag-performance and, ultimately, shedding each incarnation to make the ultimate artistic arc: performing simply as himself again.

“The story goes that I always wanted to sing but the only way I could legitimately do that was by joining this drag troupe who let me in to perform with them but in full drag. That’s how I started. My drag name (Pauly Bara) at least was a play on my real name.”

Singing with his real voice albeit under a guise was a lesson in showmanship 101. “It gave me the confidence to not give a damn what anybody thought of how I looked like up there alone on stage in drag. It was the voice they paid attention to and that they liked even though they could never quite place whose record I was lip-synching.”

Paul wasn’t lip-synching. When he made his big reveal every night, audiences were thunderstruck. “They’d ask me where I was singing next and the truth was I didn’t have a ‘next’ gig.”

That would change when John Boswell came into the picture. The renowned instrumentalist, music director and arranger for Andy Williams and Judy Collins met Paul and the pair clicked. It led to their collaboration in a series of concerts that marked the musical debut of a familiar voice finally billed by his real identity. The recognition was a delight if not a surprise to fans who never knew what “Pauly” looked like out of drag.

“If it wasn’t love at first sight, it was pretty close,” Paul winks. “They accepted me and that was liberating.”

Performances in Los Angeles, New York, Houston and Mexico led Paul inevitably back to Boswell’s studio in Hollywood to record his first album. “I’ve written and recorded my own songs over the years and in working with John I wanted to present myself as an interpreter in the classic sense of a vocal stylist — but with a twist.”

The musical twist came in the form of Paul’s plan to interpret the rock songbook of Stevie Nicks as a subtle homage to her iconic lyricism. “John played with the original melodies and totally rearranged them. He didn’t sacrifice their original song structures but he certainly elaborated on them to a very lush and dreamy effect.”

Five of Stevie Nicks’ originals were selected by Paul to be more reflective of his own musical sentiments towards Nicks than of her most familiar works in Fleetwood Mac or in her own solo career. Two are rare songs, three are classic cuts: all have never been interpreted like this.

“I knew it was a risky move to dare to ‘cover’ any works of such a beloved singer-songwriter as Stevie Nicks is,” Paul admits, “but this wasn’t an attempt to imitate anything she’d done; it was an opportunity to reinterpret the poetry of her words and music from a long time ago, today.”

If the Feminist perception of Paul’s uniquely bold musical-move seems accidental, it isn’t. He selected his handful of Nicks’ songs to convey the strength of women and intentionally preserved every verse in the feminine pronoun/female perspective inherent in Nicks’ original lyrics. “There are not many men who have ‘covered’ her works and even fewer who have recorded her lyrics without switching them around to reflect a masculine heterosexual perspective,” says Paul. “.I personally – as a guy – wanted to keep the integrity of her point of view intact. I wanted to honor that. I like that it’s her words, it’s her heart and for me as a man – a gay man, that spoke to me, too. My goal was to convey that. I didn’t want to lose the weight of her words in this project so nothing was altered.”

One of the biggest challenges was coordinating the schedule of in-demand musical director, John Boswell, who was also recording and releasing his own solo project at the time. Then there were Paul’s commitments to consider. “We often recorded after midnight,” Paul attests, “since nobody needed either of us for any other projects between the hours of after dark and early morning. That actually helped maintain the mood of the record according to the gospel of Nicks.”

Recorded in Hollywood between May and August of 2014, “In The Stillness of Remembering” is an Ambient-Pop “chill-out” listening experience that makes a suitable soundtrack for every season and any spacescape. Listen to it and recall “in the stillness of remembering”, the memory of recurrent dreams, lost days and long nights. Be-witched and be-welcomed to Paul Ybarra.


Dreams – Paul Ybarra
Gold Dust Woman – Paul Ybarra
No Light (Planets of the Universe) – Paul Ybarra
Love Makes A Family – Kristie Stremel
On My Way To Finding You – Drake Jensen
Kismet – Heart Harbor
Falling – Tom Goss
Learn To Fly – Josh Starmer – Music
Let Me Down Gently – La Roux
Handsome Man – Matt Alber
Take Me To Church – Sinead O’Connor
Auld Lang Syne – Pink Martini
Auld Lang Syne – Daniel J Cartier
Who Wants To Live Forever – Queen (Birthday dedication to Harry Faddis)

Holiday Show #4


Happy Holidays from Not Weird Queer, The Quest of Life and Wild Planet Radio, KPQR Portland!

Today’s Not Weird, Queer Holiday Show #4 Playlist:

The Not Weird, Queer opening music courtesy of Scott Free. Thanks Scott!

Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher – Elton John
Beary Merry Christmas – Freddy Freeman
Frightful Weather – Morry Campbell
Fa La La La – EROC Erin McKeown
Hare Krishna Christmas – Robin Renee
Feliz Navidad – Daphne Rubin-Vega
The Reindeer Hula – Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C.
I Believe in Father Christmas Joe McElderry
Christmas Moon – Doug Strahm
Winds Through the Olive Trees – Bob Rowe
Daddy Claus – Jay Spears
Drummer Boy – Namoli Brennet
Christmas in America – Melissa Etheridge
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – SAM SMITH
Feel Good Holiday – Jon Noble
Christmas Bells – Norine Braun
Department Stores Mean Christmas To Me – D.C. Anderson
Santa Baby – Pink Martini
Hark The Harold Angels Sing – Danny Riddle
Star Silver – Cris Williamson
Perfect Place For Christmas – Daniel J Cartier
What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve – Rufus Wainwright
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Roger Kuhn & Morry Campell
Wassail To You – Corinne Curcio
Sleigh Ride – Lea DeLaria
O Tannenbaum – The Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus
Last Christmas – Darren Hayes
Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Cast of Glee Sue Sylvester (GLEE) Kurt Hummel (Glee)
Carol of The Bells – Straight No Chaser
Guys & Dolls & Bagels – Metropolitan Klezmer
One More Christmas With You – Matt Zarley
Mr. St. Nick – Corday

Thank you to all the artists who have made the last four shows possible. You are all amazing. Happy Holidays and keep doing what you do!!

Artists, please help promote Wild Planet Radio by sharing the playlist on your pages. Wild Planet Radio is radio by and for the LGBTQ community.

Holiday Show #3


Today’s Not Weird, Queer Playlist.

Holiday Show #3

1st Hour

Hard Candy Christmas – Cris Williamson
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – SAM SMITH
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow – Chely Wright
Feel Good Holiday – Jon Noble
Red Ain’t Everything (The Rudolph Blues) – Laura Cheadle
Teachers 12 Days of Christmas – Josh Zuckerman
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Roger Kuhn & Morry Campbell
Christmas (Love it Or Leave It) – erock (Erin Erin McKeown)
We Need A Little Christmas – Patrick Wilson
Silver Bells – Gary Beach & Roger Bart
Last Christmas – Darren Hayes
Santa Baby – Jane Krakowski
Christmas Moon – Doug Strahm
Sugarplum Dance – Namoli Brennet
Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire – Davis Gaines
A Snow Globe Christmas – Pink Martini

2nd Hour
What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve – Rufus Wainwright
Mr. St. Nick – Corday
The Reindeer Hula – Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C.
Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town – Captain Smartypants (Seattle Gay Seattle Men’s Chorus – Flying House Productions
Believe, from The Polar Express – Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida & Gordon Garth Roberts
O Tannenbaum – The Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus
Baby It’s Cold Outside – Liza Minnelli & Alan Cumming
A Marshmallow World – D.C. Anderson
The Little Drummer Boy – SFGMC – The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus & Dr. Kathleen McGuire
Through A Child’s Eyes – Thomas Raniszewski
White Christmas – Rosie O’Donnell & Elton John
The Joy of Christmas – Leonard Bernstein & The New York Philharmonic Orchestra
Wassail To You – Corinne Curcio