Quest of Life Media & Broadcast has been talking about our 1st Anniversary for several days now.

If you are an artist and have passed this onto your fans and followers, thank you. We want to share the LGBT communities’ music with as many ears as we can possibly reach.

We began sharing about this milestone last Wednesday the 30th and in the last 5 days our fundraiser for 2019 operations has brought in a total of…….$10.

Our main Facebook page alone has 394 followers. We have 12+ media sites on about 8 platforms. If our fans shared our mission and fundraising goals and just 2 of their fans/followers/friends contributed $10, we would basically be set to continue broadcasting on QLRadio the rest of the year, get our Tour Venue Database up and running, and provide grants to new and emerging artist looking to put out their first CD.

The ways that we can support LGBT singer/songwriters is limited only by imagination but first we need to pay operational expenses. If everyone who reads this shares it and encourages it to be further shared and we received $10 from just 2 people who saw each share, more and more ears would hear your amazing music.

Check out our 1st Anniversary and 2019 Fundraising Letter


It talks about what we’ve accomplished in our first year and what we hope to do in the future, a future that can only be provide by you.

Cheers, and thank you for all the encouragement and support. Steve

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