Not Weird, Queer – Playlist February 3, 2019

January sabbatical photos:

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Feb. 3, 2019 Playlist



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Alive – Rachael Sage – Myopia

Carey – David Johnson / Fake Zappa – In Search of Love and Music

Walk On By – Ryan Amador – The American

Home (feat. WALK THE MOON) – Morgxn – Vital : Blue (S t r i p p e d)

I’m Going Home – Norine Braun – Through Train Windows


LGBT Freestyle – Charmer Bay

Wings – Marck Angel – Seraphim

Building A Wall – Pet Shop Boys – Yes

Daughter – Ryan Cassata

Specimen – The Barbarellatones – Fanny Pack


Halcyon Daze (Rock Radio Edit) – The Random Hubiak Band – Ce N’est Pas un Album: Hoards of Slaughter Sheep

Normal (mp3) – This Human Condition – Normal People Are Crazy EP

Six Queer Kids – Mike Rickard – Uncomfortable Space

Rocket Bomb – Lovelife After Party (EP)

Shrill – Lil Kava

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Dancing in the Palm of Your Hand – Rachel Rose

The Ever Modest Stone Thrower – Screed

Put on Your Stars – Namoli Brennet

The Simple Life – Lust – Wayne Dreadski

Crave – Mishti


Rastaman – Sean Achilleos

Better Off – My Crooked Teeth

Salvation – The Strumbellas – Rattlesnake

Lessons from Home Plate – Tret Fure – Roses in November

Gateway – Eli Shane


Step Back – Victor Frankenstein

You’re Mine Because I Love You (Madison Montgomery Cover) – Logan Lynn – My Movie Star

Silent Treatment – DiiJai

Fly Out To Alaska – Bears In Trees

Cusp – Jeremy James and the Villianeers


Anyone (Remix) – Devin Tait

One-Breasted President – JEN/ed – Exposed


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Quest of Life Media & Broadcast
On February 1, 2018, the website and social media pages for Quest of Life Media & Broadcast went LIVE!
What began in October 2016 with the thought “What more can be done for the LGBT Independent Artist Community” had developed into a structure.

On February 17, 2018 QLRadio went LIVE broadcasting music from LGBT Independent Artists. Our own radio station was not in the plan 16 days earlier. We were partnering with an existing source. It became quickly apparent that we needed faster and more control of this marketing tool. Voila’.

Nonprofit Operations
Our projected 2019 Operational Budget is $3000. This is essential administrative costs: Licensing, Communications, Etc.

Emerging Artist Grants
We would like to launch our Yearly Emerging Artist Grants program in the Fall 2019. For this we are looking at an additional $3000. The emerging artist grants are awarded to newer or first time release artists. Nothing encourages creativity and pride in accomplishment than holding your own music CD. I know, Christmas 2018 we released a holiday compilation album. This was a long time dream of mine and I still grin when I see it.

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Venue Database
Also in 2019 we would like to get our Tour Venue Database up and running. This database will help LGBT artists planning tours to locate venues in their planned areas of travel. These venues will welcome them, support them and help them feel safe in unfamiliar parts.

Start Up Expenses
Near the end of 2018 we were able to eliminate some of our startup debt thanks to you. We still have a little more to go and would like to eliminate that in the first half of 2019.

In our first year we have had visitors to QLRadio and our related websites from over 40 countries (See Image Below). Life for LGBT people in some of these countries is quite volatile. I’m excited by the thought that we might be a beacon of hope.

screen shot 2019-01-30 at 4.14.07 pm

QLRadio has 4 in house produced programs.
-Not Weird, Queer – LGBT new music program.
-Classical Sunday Nights – Music from the LGBT classical community.
-New Music Minutes – Daily segment with the freshest music in the land.
-Saturday Alive – Foot tapping Head bobbing music to keep your Saturday nights “Alive”.

And 6 syndicated programs.
-HomoRadio New York Capital Region’s LGBT variety show
-This Way Out International LGBT New Radio Magazine
-Washington D.C.’s Inside Out LGBT Radio
-The Randy Report Nevada’s largest LGBTQ blog
-Democracy Now! daily, global, independent news
Our programming schedule can be found HERE.

Your support is as always tax deductible and you can contribute by check, online, PayPal, etc HERE

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Steve, Brett, Jeremy, Alyson


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