Thank You!!!

When I set out to create an entity that would provide support to the LGBT singer/songwriter/musician community my vision was a lump of clay and I had no idea how to even make the wheel spin.

I reached out to a handful of people for ideas and feedback and through that molded and created Quest of Life Media & Broadcast. QLRadio followed later, I initially had a different forum for marketing your music and quickly realized QoLMB wanted and needed more control.

When we launched I had spent everyday with the organization for over a year, I had it clear in my head. Building the brand in the community would take longer and be more difficult than I ever imagined. There have been a few times in the last 11 and 1/2 months since we launched that I was not sure I had it in me to continue. Last week was one of those and probably the worst one of them all.

Then I reached out and was overwhelmed by the support I received. I asked and the community responded. I’m determined to carry on. QLRadio and Quest of Life will march on through tomorrow and will see our 1 Year Anniversary on February 1st.

Thank you so very much for responding when it was a critical moment, and it is still important.

PS 🙂 February is coming fast and we will need those operating funds again. Currently our proposed budget for 2019 is at bare bones $3000. The sooner we have those funds the faster we can focus on the other ideas we have for supporting LGBT singer/songwriters/musicians. Watch for our 2019 Operational Campaign “COMING SOON”

Oh but please don’t feel you have to wait to support us.



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