Tuesday Jan. 15, 2019

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast needs your help today. We need your tax deductible contribution today. Our funds are depleted and without your tax-deductible contribution today, our BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC (as well as their Canadian counterparts, SOCAN and Re:Sound, and U.K. counterparts, PPL and PRS for Music) licenses will expire, our internet radio access will expire and our phone service will expire and QLRadio will discontinue broadcasting on Tuesday Jan. 15, 2019. We made huge ground up in November and December and were able to pay off a substantial amount of our start up costs. We need your help today to continue our work beyond Tuesday the 15th, 3 days from now. We hope to be able to continue our mission of assisting the LGBT music community with album production, marketing through QLRadio, and in the future grants and tour planning assistance. We need your support today to be able to move forward and continue to build on the following we have had join us since Feb. 2018. We hope you find value in the work we have been doing and in the assistance our mission lays out, in the future. Please consider a tax deductible donation today of any amount. Tuesday Jan. 15, 2019 QLRadio will cease broadcasting with the communities support today. Cheers and have a wonderful weekend! Steve


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