Not Weird, Queer – Playlist November 4, 2018


Monterrey is Our Home – Alex Jaguar

Hard To Believe – Brett Basil

Hashtag Brooklyn Karaoke Party – St. Lenox

Underground (remix) – Rian Lewis / Logan Lynn

Wasted Summer – Bryce O’Connor


Put on Your Stars – Namoli Brennet

Dancing On Graves – The Influencers

Rebecca Henry – Sean Della Croce

You & You – Anna Volpe

Walk the Earth – Fanny Walked The Earth


Worlds Apart – Levi Kreis

Deep Down – Kicksie

Hold On – Ames

Thoughts and Prayers (Radio Edit) – The Villaineers

The Fantasize – Rachel Rose


Six Queer Kids – Mike Rickard

Sunday Dress – Lenny Zenith

I Believe Her – Emma’s Revolution

Nothing But The Rain – MK Ellison

Meet Me In Mexico – The Drums


Lilith – AUS

Time To Kill – no reception.

Dessert – Mileo

Loony Tune – Corday

Cheap Drunk – Ember Swift :: 子玉


Back In Your Life – Tina and Her Pony

Reverberate – Laura Cheadle

Visible – Chris Chism

Alive – Rachael Sage


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