Not Weird, Queer – Playlist September 30, 2018

Mad On Madonna – 4 Poofs & A Piano

Loony Tune – Corday

Talking Late – Nick Eddowes

Cool Girl – Fanny Walked The Earth

Worlds Apart – Levi Kreis

Not – Big Thief

Low – Greyson Chance

No Man’s Land (The Lovers) – Karl William Lund

Cloud 9 – Music Bear Tony Banks

Soap Opera – Brandy Clark

Never Brave – Jame

Cusp – Jeremy James and the Villianeers

Sunday Dress – Lenny Zenith

Maureen – Casey K

Something Wild – Maia Sharp

All These Lights – Karmen Buttler

Kiss Me Again – The Drums

Hashtag Brooklyn Karaoke Party – St. Lenox

Seneca Falls to Selma – Linq

Shake your bones – Acreaturas

When Heterosexuals Rule the World – Pink Jimmie on a Pale Blue Dot

Butterflies – LVNMUZIQ

Underground (remix) – Rian Lewis/Logan Lynn

Visible – Chris Chism

Jolene – Heiskell

Hard To Believe – Brett Basil

Blood on Your Hands (feat. Edie Carey) – Lucas Miré

Six Queer Kids – Mike Rickard


Quest of Life Media & Broadcast is currently conducting a national search for a Chairman of the Board of Directors. The position is currently vacant.

One of the first objectives for the new Chairman will be to jumpstart fundraising.

Today, Quest of Life Media & Broadcast is nearing the end of it’s operational funds.

QLRadio has continued to grow and it’s success is introducing the music of the LGBT community to new audiences.

We are asking each and everyone who reads this to please consider taking a moment and sending in a tax deductible donation.

Help Quest of Life continue to grow and provide independent LGBT artists with a organization committed to making the pursuit of their passion less challenging.

Thank you,

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