Not Weird, Queer Playlist September 9, 2018

Cusp – Jeremy James and the Villianeers

I See Love – John Deyling

Last Man Standing – Joe Stevens

No More Tangles – John Grant

LA Ex – Happyforyou


Donna Summer Camp – 4 Poofs & A Piano

Talking Late – Nick Eddowes

When Heterosexuals Rule the World – Pink Jimmie on a Pale Blue Dot

Maureen – Casey K

Time To Kill – no reception


Six Queer Kids – Mike Rickard

Sunday Dress – Lenny Zenith

Visible – Chris Chism

Cloud 9 – Music Bear Tony Banks

Lessons from Home Plate – Tret Fure


Cool Girl – Fanny Walked The Earth

Atlas – Charmer Bay

Champion – Tina and Her Pony

Stainless – Liz Clark

Two Feet and a Dream – The Secret Emchy Society


Reverberate – Laura Cheadle

Put on Your Stars – Namoli Brennet

Mexicali Rose – Bobby Blue 

Holding on to Hope – Your Heart Breaks

Bring Me Down Dixie – Kate Brown


Books & Drinks – Kevin Wong

Alive – Rachael Sage

This Is Your Call – Summer Osborne

Rian Lewis – Underground (remix)(Logan Lynn)




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