Not Weird, Queer August 19, 2018 Edition Playlist


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People Are Strange – Lea DeLaria

No Man’s Land (The Lovers)

Alibis- Gregory Douglass

Seneca Falls To Selma – Linq

Liars – Ryan Amador

Back Seat – LVNMZIQ

St. Jean Port Joli – Lucie Blue Tremblay

Visible – Chris Chism

Lessons From Home Plate – Tret Fure

Swallowed Whole – Lucas Mire

Underground – Rian Lewis 

Sun City – Douglas Savage

Atlas – Charmer Bay

Some Like It Hot – OWEN THEILE

Champion – Tina and Her Pony

Shake Your Bones – Acreaturas

Stainless – Liz Clark

Reverberate – Laura Cheadle

Lured Away – Fanny

Put on Your stars – Namoli Brennet

Man Milch – Barbarellatones

We Are Weeds – Lars Von Keitz

Could 9 – Music Bear Tony Banks

Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey) – Craymo

Sunday Dress – Lenny Zenith

The Door – Paisley Fields

Six Queer Kids – Mike Ricard

Color of Stars – Kristie Stremel and the 159ers

Muddy Waters – Laura Pergolizzi  LP


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