Not Weird, Queer July 15, 2018 Edition Playlist


Alive – Rachael Sage
Daughter – Ryan Cassata Heaven Down Here – Tuck & Patti Jackpot – Derek Bishop
Oh Bully – Line

You’re Drunk – Brandy Clark
The Only Village People Medley – 4 Poofs & A Piano Lessons From Home Plate – Tret Fure
The Things I Regret – Brandi Carlile
Tranimal – Shawna Virago

Should I – VonTanner
End of The World – Matt Alber
Ad for an Imaginary Russian Resort – Brady Earnhart Skins & Shirts – Steven Franz
I Didn’t Just Kiss Her – Jen Foster

Jolene (Live) – Paisley Fields
Luna (Live) – April Rose (The Rose Monarch) Change A Thing – Brett Basil
My Swag – Pegg Starr
Game Called Life – Doug Cash

Ukelele Me! – Stephin Merritt
Surface Envy – Sleater-Kinney
We Are Weeds – Lars von Keitz Summer Love – Jeffery Straker
Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey) – Craymo

Roving Gypsy Boy – Steven Gellman Momma and Mommy – Diesel Tykes Don’t Cry No More – Chrisie Edkins Stainless – Liz Clark

Not The End of Me – Steve Grand

Over The Rainbow – Joe McElderry Something Wild – Maia Sharp


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