Playlist June 10, 2018

The Undoing (Everyday) – Dudley Saunders

Daughter – Ryan Cassata

I Think I’m Falling In Love – Jessie Afriyie

Sun City – Douglas Savage

Some Like It Hot – Owen Thiele


The Door – Paisley Fields

Where The River Bends – Martin Swinger

Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields

Word of Love – Raph Solo

Tender – Tret Fure


Sweet Mother Jesus – David Johnson

Death Valley – LP

Bad Girls – Paul Ybarra

Bolero – Pink Martini

Brink – Namoli Brennet


The Giver – Liv Lombardi

Blackwell – EMMA

Black Lipstick Kiss [Lov3mix] 2017 – Random Order

Don’t Jump, Don’t Fall – Tom Robinson

Break The Silence – Freddy Freeman


Dance With The Devil – Ernie Lijoi

I Fall To Pieces – Bobby Blue

Sink In – Byron Rice

Best Kept Secret – case/lang/veirs

Spaghetti (feat. Danielle Elvira) – CJ Run


Tell Me A Story – Skylar Kergil

Legalize It – Sean Kagalis

Torrey Pines Opening Theme – Your Heart Breaks & The Beaconettes

Jackpot – Derek Bishop

More Than Temporary – Tom Goss


I’m No Jean Luc Picard – Jeremy James & The Villianeers


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