Not Weird, Queer May 13, 2018 Mother’s Day Edition Playlist


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Take Your Mama – Scissor Sisters

Chocolate Is Fine – D.C. Anderson

You Must Love Me (From “Evita”) feat. Lana Del Ray – Andrew Lloyd Webber

Try A Little Kindness – Ryan Amador

The Mariner – Raven Coleman

Word of Love – Raph Solo

Lost Without Your Love – Sergey Lazarev

Just Bear With Me – Freddy Freeman

Transcendence – Rev. Yolanda

Color of the Skin – Pamela Mean

Alive – Rachael Sage

Don’t Look Back – Patricia Silverberg

Seal With A Kiss – Billy Winn

Tomboy – Kyra Leigh

No Excuses – Naked Highway

I Fall To Pieces – Bobby Blue

Imagineers – Crys Matthews

I’m No Jean Luc Picard – Jeremy James & The Villianeers

Careful – Melissa Ferrick

Seasons – Grayson Chance

Love Makes A Family – Kristie Stremmel

Brink – Namoli Brennet

Sweet Mother Jesus – David Johnson

Sun City – Douglas Savage

Tender – Tret Fure

December Rain (Carol of Love) – Craymo

No Place Like Home – Roger Kuhn

You Cannot – Erin McKeown

Grandma’s Old Guitar – Toni Vere

There Is No One More Beautful Than You – Dan Manjovi



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