Not Weird, Queer May 6, 2018 Edition Playlist







Sun City – Douglas Savage

You Must Love Me (From “Evita”) feat. Lana Del Ray – Andrew Lloyd Webber

Try A Little Kindness – Ryan Amador

Daughter – Ryan Cassata


Sink In – Amy Shark, Love, Simon Soundtrack

Who’s That Girl – Bobby Blue

Transcendence – Rev. Yolanda

Alex – Kyra Leigh


Make America Great Again – Pussy Riot

Dance With The Devil – Ernie Lijoi

No Excuses – Naked Highway

December Rain (Carol of Love) – Craymo


The Door – Paisley Fields

I Didn’t Know Straight Privilege Was A Thing – XO Jasen

Summertime – The Sexbots

The Mariner – Raven Coleman


Mustache Queen – Barbarellatones

Namesake – Tunde Olaniran

Yo Lé Lé (Fulani Groove) – Youssou N’Dour

You Make Me Want To – Jeffery Straker


Alive – Rachael Sage

Some Like It Hot – Owen Thiele

Tender – Tret Fure

Sweet Mother Jesus – David Johnson


Muddy Waters – LP

Moon Girl – No Reception

Ghosts – Adam Lambert

Mermaid Parade – Dave Hall


Break The Silence – Freddy Freeman

Two Nobodies In New York – [Title of Show] Original Cast Soundtrack

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