Quest Q & L

Your questions about Quest of Life Media & Broadcast answered!

Q: Yes my question is about the fundraising and I have used crowd sourcing sites before…. but in general, I am not clear on what you do. Is it a promotions company?

A: The basic idea behind what I’m doing is trying to centralize and streamline production of and marketing of new albums from artists. In the 14 years I’ve been doing radio and working with the music of the LGBT community, the one thing I have noticed is that for independent artists, getting an album produced has financial challenges and it is extremely challenging for me to keep up on new material. As odd as it may sound I don’t usually hear about new albums from the artists I’ve featured before, rather I discover it on my own. I also noticed that the LGBT community uses a variety of crowdfunding options. It got me to thinking, what would it look like if there was one organization that artists turned to for crowdfunding that knew the artists and their work. What positive results would come from that same organization also having the ability to be the “one stop source” for new music and to have channels to promote that music. In addition, have the ability to give grants to unknown and emerging artists getting exposure for them and introducing them to the great audience. Thus was born Quest of Life Media & Broadcast (QoLMB).

The idea is you would use us to crowdfund your new album. You would direct supporters and fans to us. They would become part of our marketing circle. Once the album was finished we would promote the album to our marketing circle (which technically would grow every time we worked with a new artist) and through QLRadio and our various social media platforms ie: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, ello, Reddit, LinkedIn, email, etc.

We get a percentage of the money raised for your project to cover operational expenses and help fund annual grant awards but we also give your project a percentage of donations made to general funds during your cycle to offset the fee. The idea behind this is while you are fundraising, it is laying groundwork for new artists to be able to receive grants to put out their first album. In addition a more successful fundraising project would also have the impact of giving a boost to a struggling fundraising project. Over time as our reach grows and as percentages are adjusted we would hope to see fees and returns balance out.

So imagine each new artist that fundraises with us introduces 25 new audience members to QoLMB and say we work with 10 artists a year. That potentially adds 250 people a year, not only to our marketing circle, but the fundraising circle for future projects as well. Imagine our reach after 10 years (2500 people), 15 years (3750 people). These people are not only being given the opportunity to help contribute financially but they are also learning about new music by either checking out the QoLMB website or being connected through one of our social media platforms or listening to QLRadio.

If you would like to use QoLMB to fundraise, I would build a page on the website devoted to your project with links to contribute, you would send out your fundraising announcement linking to your page, and off we go!


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