Not Weird, Queer March 25, 2018 Edition Playlist


Playlist 3.25.18

Alex – Kyra Leigh
Just Bear With Me – Freddy Freeman
Stained Glass Window – CJ Smyth
Ghosts – Christopher Dallman
Running – Eric Himan

Madeleine – Disappear Fear & SONIA
My Disguise – Josh Starmer
Spanish Teenager – Casey Spooner
Nothing Else – Bridge 19
My Two Daddies (Can Beat Up Your One)

Best Day Ever – Levi Kreis
You Cannot – Erin McKeown
The Lie – Dylan Rice
The Undoing (Everyday) – Dudley Saunders
I Fall To Pieces – Bobby Blue

So Gay – Vontanner
Sun City – Douglas Savage
December Rain – Craymo
Some Like It Hot – Owen Thiele
Black Lipstick Kiss (Lov3mix 2017) – Random Order

J’en Suis Désolée – Norine Braun
Whiskey Lick – Heiskell
Brink – Namoli Brennet
We’re The Cool Kids – Ryan Cassata
A Hand To Hold – Bobby Jo Valentine

In Your Arms – Burning Nopal
Ghost Town – Adam Lambert
Black In America – Ahmond
In Your Arms – David Johnson
Winter Song – Rob Halford

I’m No Jean Luc Picard – Jeremy James and the Villianeers



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