18 Days, a blink or an eon

Take a moment and ponder these questions. Is there an LGBT artist whose music you enjoy? Are you yourself an LGBT artist or friends with one? What makes you take notice of a nonprofit? What moves you to take the next step and contribute money to them.

I really personally need your help. I’ve been mulling around words that best describe how I’m feeling right now. The word that keeps popping up is bewildered and for some reason I don’t like it. I know part of what I’m feeling today comes from the fact that where I sit today really does not look the way I’d imagined it would.

I took a turn down this path because it looked like a way I could do more. I continued down it because when I talked to people about my vision the sense I got was indeed YES, this is a great way to do more. I embraced feedback and ideas. QoLMB began it’s work 18 days ago. I know that’s not very long intellectually and yet emotionally its an eon. 18 days, daily posts on about a dozen social media platforms, a multitude of reposts, dozens and dozens of emails, press releases,and phone calls and just 4 contributions. I personally need your help so my optimism does not wain to the point I begin to feel the fool for the hours and money invested in heading down this path. Again I know 18 days is not that long, but it’s kind of scary when the great feedback I received has led to 4 donations. Send me a dime or the price of a cup of copy please send me a sign. My optimism muscle needs protein. Questoflife.org



Remember this commercial?

Let’s do it!


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