David Johnson & QoLMB

The Quest of Life Media & Broadcast is up and running.

Out of the gate we are partnered with and raising funds to enable David Johnson of Seattle to produce an album of his music. He says we are making his dreams come true. Be part of the dream making. As we await our own nonprofit status, we are proud to be partnered with Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media & Education who are accepting donations for our work.

Donate to QoLMB 

26993834_10154936829357101_2370663471969393370_nDavid Johnson

In my grand tradition of doing things and then telling , I kinda secretly released my first single from the upcoming album last night after the Parliament Tavern show! It’s only on the platforms I can control at this point, because there will be new versions coming with the album…but here it is. In Your Arms.

Dan Tyack played the lap steel on it, and Todd Purnick Music recorded, mixed, and engineered the track! The music video and details surrounding it are forthcoming. 

It was mastered at NorthWest Sound Studio in Bellingham, WA

Listen to In Your Arms

On Bandcamp

On SoundCloud

Help produce David’s Album!

Donate to Quest of Life Media & Broadcast



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