Quest of Life Media & Broadcast


******************************** Press Release**********************************

Jan. 8, 2018

I’m very close to throwing open the doors on a non-profit I’ve been building for the last year.

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast will be an organization that works with independent artists to direct their fundraising in one lean mean organization whose mission is to then turn around and finance new album production!

We are also developing a reference of network venues for artists to turn to so they can plan tours in unknown parts.

We will broaden the reach of marketing.

2 of the board members have a video production company in West Hollywood that may potentially provide inexpensive video production.

One day hope to have several recording studios across the country.

Wild Planet Radio who lost their FM location in Oct. 2016, but still has their internet presence was acquired by QoLMB in Feb and is a part of the new non-profit.

I’m finalizing a fiscal sponsor that will let me start work as I wade through the 501-c-3 process.

I hope to be able to start raising money by Feb. 1

I already have a partner project. We will be working with David Johnson of

Seattle on his upcoming album.

The initial model has 2 programs, a partner program and a general program. The partner is raising money for a specific project and we will get 15% of funds raised for our general admin and general programs. General programs will be raising money for upcoming grant awards and admin, and we will return 5% of those donations back to partner projects.

Tret Fure, President of Local 1000, says: “Your proposal sounds wonderful.  What a fabulous concept that I know we talked about at your home but you have fleshed out beautifully.”

You can check out the board and employees at

Stephen Sims
Executive Director
Quest of Life Media & Broadcast
An LGBT Media Services Group
     Not Weird, Queer radio show
     Wild Planet Radio

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