Not Weird, Queer Halloween Show & Playlist



NWQ Halloween Episode


My Pumpkin Won’t Stop Smilin’ (feat. Danni Nicholls) – Al Start

Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields

Scarecrow – Melissa Etheridge

Sweet Transvestite – Tim Curry

Boris Karloff – The Barbarellatones

Limbchoppalooza – Edwin Wendler

The Creepy Castle – Al Start

Trick or Treat – Corinne Curcio

The Killer’s Mind – Robert Urban

Pumpkin Patch – Dave Hall

Scream And Run Away – The Gothic Archies

Frankenstein – Antony and the Johnsons

Walking My Gargoyle – TheGothic Archies

Daddy Longlegs – Dan Manjovi

Spider – Beth Arentsen

Ghosts – Christopher Dallman

Trick Or Treat – Al Start

& Your Little Dog Too – Shawn Thomas

Crows – The Gothic Archies

Dexter – EMMA

The Devil Went Down To Georgia – Josh Zuckerman

Walking With A Ghost – Tegan & Sara

Black Hallow’s Eve – Scott Free

Witches Among Us (feat. Max Hinders) – Scott Free

Your Little Monster – Roger Kuhn

No Place Like Hell – Scott Matthew

Gargoyle – Brady Earnhart

Save The Earth Kill A Human  (feat. Val Garcia, Derek Rienzi Van Tassel) – Scott Free

Ghost – Namoli Brennet

A Little Magic (feat. Matthew Huston, Caitlin Jackson & Saja Blevins) – Scott Free

For Good – Lee Lessack

Ghost Town – Adam Lambert

YMCA – The Village People

Number 13 (feat. Danni Nicholls)

(Put The Fun Back In) The Funeral – Erin Mckeown

Death Do Us Part (feat. North Rory Homeward, Dennis Frymire, Full Zombie Bathhouse Cast) – Scott Free


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