Not Weird, Queer Oct. 22, 2017 Edition Playlist and Show Archive




Brink – Namoli Brennet

Algae Bloom – Told Slant

Namesake – Tunde Olaniran

Daughterson – Joe Stevens

Whiskey Lick – Heiskell

The Eye – Brandi Carlile

Where Two Rivers Meet – Your Heart Breaks

Shark Smile – Big Thief

The Giver – Liv Lombardi

Teacher, Teacher – Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre & London Gay Men’s Chorus

As I Am – Summer Osborne

The Imagineers – Crys Mathews

Save The Earth Kill A Human – Scott Free

I’m No Jean Luc Picard – Jeremy James & The Villaneers

Seasons – Greyson Chance

Girl’s Never Gonna Fall In Love – Johanna Chase

Lightrail – Jeremy Gloff

Rats – Pillow Queens

The Devil Went Down To Georgia – Josh Zuckerman

The Wolf Is At The Door – Boys Entrance

Gay Pirates – Evan Westfal

Down – Naked Highway

Try Try Try – Rachael Sage

Death Valley LP

Edwin – The Black Sheeps

Nanshou – Ember Swift

Color Of The Skin – Pamela Means

King – Doug Locke

She – Jen Foster

Collide Into You – Kelly Moe

Tie Dye –  Wilder DAze

Just Another Dream – Morry Campbell


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