Not Weird, Queer – Oct. 8 2017 Edition – Playlist & Episode Archive





Episode Archive


Refugee – Melissa Etheridge

Goodbye – LVNMUZIQ

Bad Girls – Paul Ybarra

Goodbye – Run Jenny

As I Am (Live) – Summer Osborne

Color of the Skin – Pamela Means

Stop Playing The Film – Alex Woburn

Algae Bloom – Todd Slant

Amazon – Nedra Johnson

Don’t Jump, Don’t Fall – Tom Robinson

Mermaid Parade – Dave Hall

Namesake – Tunde Olaniran

Mr. Carpentier – Robert German

Red Haired Girl – Horse McDonald

River – Aiden James

Bohemian Rhapsody – San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus

No Place Like Home – Roger Kuhn

I Am Her – Shea Diamond

Rats – Pillow Queens

The Wolf Is At The Door – Boy’s Entrance

I’m No Jean Lucas Picard – Jeremy James & The Villianers

Teacher, Teacher – Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre & London Gay Men’s Chorus

Where Two Rivers Meet – Your Heart Breaks

The Giver – Liv Lombardi

Freedom – Tret Fure

Mourning Sound – Grizzly Bear

Seasons – Greyson Chance

It’s Time Sacha Sackett

No Place Called Hell – Scott Mathews

Tie-Dye – Wilder Daze


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