NWQ October 1, 2017 Edition Playlist & Archive


Oct. 01, 2017 Episode Archive
flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1transgender nonbinary music fest bannerFullSizeRender copy
Where Two Rivers Meet – Your Heart Breaks

Drone Bomb Me – ANOHNI

Mirror Me – Shawnee

Meg Ryan – Ah-Mer-Ah-Su

Boris Karloff – The Barbarellatones 

Fagette – Athens Boys Choir

I Will Be A Wall – Rae Spoon

Cry Me a River – The Cliks

Can’t Wait – Laith Ashley

Daughterson – Joe Stevens

Post Op Freeway – Georgie Jessup

Tell Me A Story – Skylar Kergil

True Trans Soul Rebel – Against Me

Don’t Cry No More – Chrisie Edkins

Big Bottoms – Johnny Blazes and the Pretty Boys

Rescue Me – Joshua Klipp

The Dive – Jesse Paradox

Settle Down – Namoli Brennet

We’re The Cool Kids – Ryan Cassata

Surf Nocturne – Suzy Wedge & The Waves

Stranger Danger – Tough Tough Skin

We’ve Never Had It So Good – Jenny Slater

After Dark – Eliot Sumner

Autumn Leaves – Maxwell Von Raven

Man Enough To Be A Woman – Jayne County

Something Different – Katastrophe

It’s So Bright – Coyote Grace

Algae Bloom – Todd Slant

Namesake – Tunde Olaniran

Take Off Your Sunglasses – Ezra Furman

Black Lipstick Kiss – Random Order

I Am Her – Shea Diamond





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