NWQ July 9, 2017 Playlist & Archive


All Alone – Ray Noir

Muddy Waters – LP

Shovels & Dirt – Strumbellas

Forever – Jeremy Robin

Future Politics – Austra

You Make Me Want To – Jeffery Straker

Supercede The Satellites (feat. Ninjanun) – David Johnson

Take Your Mama – Scissor Sisters

Ghost Town – Adam Lambert

I Know A Place – MUNA

Normal (Featuring Christopher Selefski & Kirk Jackson) – Scott Free

After Dark – Eliot Sumner

Rats – Pillow Queens

Summertime – Sexbots

Wildflower – Rachael Sage

Blush – Wilder Daze

We’re The Cool Kids – Ryan Cassata

In Your Arms – Burning Nopal

Ditch Lilies – Namoli Brennet

The Other End of the Line – Robin Renee

Blood Under My Belt – The Drums

Fanny Pack – Barbarellatones

Black Lipstick Kiss [ Lov3mix ] 2017 – Random Order

Slip Away – Perfume Genius

Till The End – Tom Goss

Gay Pirates – Evan Westfal

The Undoing – Dudley Saunders

The Dive – Jesse Paradox

Down – Naked Highway

The Wolf Is At The Door – Boy’s Entrance
The Foxes – Erin McKeown


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