Playlist for Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017



A Million Years – Heart Harbor

Colors of the Rainbow – Diesel Tykes

Shovels & Dirt – Strumbellas

Solidao – Pink Martini

Nina – Meg Christian (Lesbian Concentrate 1977)


Prove It On Me Blues – Teresa Trull (Lesbian Concentrate 1977)

Gay And Proud – Berkeley Women’s Music Collective

Cannibals – Bathrobe Robots

Color of the Skin – Pamela Means

7 Wonders – Sergi Lazarev


Stop Desire – Tegan & Sara

Meteorite – Years & Years

Goodbye – LVNMUZIQ

Makes You Fall – Susan  Souza

Heavy Heart – Your Heart Breaks


Forever – Jeremy Robin

Another World – Antony & The Johnsons

Song From Me – Audrey Cecil

Spanish Teenager – Casey Spooner

Time Management – Ben Schaefer


Three Doors Down – Carlyn Hutchins

Everything Is Free – Chris Pureka

The Rhythm of Life – Christian Andreason

Cathedrals – Gregory Douglass

Please Explain – Catie Curtis


Don’t Wait – Joey Graceffa

My Disguise – Josh Starmer

Ghost Town – Adam Lambert

It’s Never Enough – Matt Ryanz

Stars (Live) – Namoli Brennet

You Make Me Want To – Jeffery Straker


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