Lambert House Seattle

I received this press release from Lambert House today. 

Honestly I’m amazed that they are still in the same location. Way back when I wrote the very first rent check for  what was to become The Lambert House, the owner was telling us he did not know how long we would able to stay as he was feeling pressure to sell. The house sits on prime real estate near hospital and  church. 

It is also very comforting to know that the organization is healthy. 

The Lambert House represents so many personal things for me. It was my first venture into activism/ non-profit, it was a major achievement for me, my goal when I set out to volunteer was to work to end the isolation I felt. It has always been a tangible reminder that change is possible. Most importantly, it bears the name of one of the best friends you could ever walk beside. 

Here’s to many more decades Lambert House!

Steve Sims, Portland, OR



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