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The Playlist:

Hypnotized – Jeffery Straker
Commander in Chief – EMMA ( Erin McKeown and friends)
I Didn’t Just Kiss Her – Jen Foster
Cathedrals – Gregory Douglass
When Cats Take Over The World – Jamie Anderson
Legalize It – Sean Kagalis
One of Us – Gary Wayne Farris / Nota Bene / San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus / The Lollipop Guild
Pick A Pocket Or Two – Metropolitan Klezmer
My Brother – Nhojj, Baron Sean, ButtaFlySoul, Jesse O
Post Op Freeway – Georgie Jessup
Speechless – Girlyman
Best Shot – Aiden James
Four Lanes To Pittsburgh – Stewart Lewis
Break Me Down – Logan Lynn
We Will Overcome – Logan Lynn
Towering Trees – Brandy Alexander
Solar Power – The Sexbots (Ilima Considine)
Collide Into You (Bovine Remix) – Kelly Moe
Tonya – Atole
Sky – Aaron-Carl
Rather Be Here – Frightened Cellar
Stickleback – Al Start
Standing At Your Window – Andy Fraser
Oh Bully – Linq
Wave of You – Ari Gold
Skylar’s Song – Austin Marolla
Prove It On Me Blues – Gaye Adegbalola
Laughing So Hard – Zrazy

RightOutTV Music & Video Awards


Steve Sims joins us this year as a judge! LGBT Artists SUBMIT Your Music & Videos~
Born in Seattle and raised in the Pacific Northwest He moved to the Northeast in 2003 to live and assist in the operation of Easton Mountain Retreat. While in New York, Steve was the Music Producer and co-host of The Quest of Life radio show on WRPI Troy with show creator, Harry Faddis. The Quest of Life wrapped up it’s broadcasts in July 2013 when Steve returned to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to his family. He now resides in Portland OR and is excited to be involved with Wild Planet Radio, KPQR Portland, 99.1 FM, a 24 hour LGBTQ content radio station. You can hear his new show Not Weird, Queer on Sundays at 11am pacific, streamed live on the web at wildplanetradio.com. SUBMIT: http://ow.ly/i/6R00M http://ow.ly/Bo04s

Ryan Cassata, Skylar Kergil Music, and more…….





Today’s NWQ Playlist 
Not Weird, Queer
Wild Planet Radio

Drive – Melissa Ferrick
For Good – Lee Lessack
Amazon – Nedra Johnson
Ring Around – Logan Lynn
Angel In Chelsea – Randi Driscoll
Your Disco Needs You – Randy Jones
Paris And September – Sacha Sacket
Cartoon Heroes – Reuben Butchart
The Theme – Mark Barnes & Carol Connors
Mr. Carpentier – Robert German
Shorashim – SONiA disappear fear
Hands of Hate – Ryan Cassata
Love ’round the World (Hope) – Ryan Cassata 
Long Shot – Ryan Cassata 
Thorn In Your Side – Namoli Brennet
A Boy A Girl – Chrisie Edkins (https://www.facebook.com/ripchrisiexo?fref=ts)
Raindrops on a Feather – Yui Karlberg
Rescue Me – Joshua Klipp